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Email app with filing features

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  1. mkaufman811

    mkaufman811 New Member

    Hi all,
    I've been a long time blackberry user. I've finally "upgraded" to Android, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. So far, I am loving it! Have a GS3 and been using lots of the features.

    Now, this is a 'work' phone so I do a LOT of email management on it. I'm one of those people who are constantly filing messages into different folders. Yes, I have a few Rules setup to do this automatically for some, but I still do a lot of manual filing for messages arriving in my inbox.
    While I do like the native email client on the GS3, there are a few things that the Blackberry email client did that were *very* useful. I've done some googling as well as searching in these forums. While there are a number of threads on comparing Blackberry email to various Android email apps, none of them address the specific needs/wants that I have.

    So, I am posting in here in hopes someone can tell me of an email app that will do the things that I am looking for. Again, they are primarily around message management/filing.

    1) alphabetize the folders. the native app shows the folders in an order that I do not understand (seems random?), so I need to scroll up and down to find the folder I'm looking for.
    1a) interestingly, when I do Menu->Folders from the main screen of the native email app, the folder list there IS alphabetized (and collapsed). It only shows up wonky when selecting a folder for Moving.

    2) 'predict' the folder and auto-highlight based on message Subject and/or previous moving/filing. This was a great feature in the Blackberry mail client. I move a whole thread to a folder. The next day a new message comes in on the same thread. I select it, say "file" and the folder is already highlighted, I just select "OK"

    3) type-ahead search of folder name. Regardless of 'prediction', if I want it to go in a specific folder, it would be nice to type the first few letters of it and have the highlight jump to the first entry, or (even better) restrict the view to just those folders that match (in the case of multiple similarly-named folders)
    3a) forget type-ahead, just a search function at all would be nice! I've seen some apps have a search function for messages, and I'm not sure if it is extended to folders, but that's usually when at the main screen. I'm looking for the ability to search at the time of filing/moving.

    Hope this isn't too much to ask! And yes, I'd be willing to pay money for an email app that supports good message management.
    The "Big 4" seem to be K-9, Touchdown, MailDroid, and EnhancedEmail. There looks to be some nice features in these apps, with some good comments, but so far nothing I've read about these apps addresses message management. If you have one of these, and want to give me your opinion or just "it does this", I'd appreciate it. Would be good to know what it does before paying money to download!


  2. mkaufman811

    mkaufman811 New Member

    bump. Still looking. Hoping someone can confirm capabilities in one of the "big 4" email apps or suggest another one.

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