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  1. jvcjbl

    jvcjbl Active Member


    My Gmail works perfectly (of course it does) but my Email program is another story. I can get it to sync fine with my Cox e-mail after I manually set it up, but I will not automatically retrieve e-mails from the server regardless of what I set the check interval to. I purposely sent myself a test email from another source and the phone never receives it unless I physically go into the email program and then it connects to the server and downloads the message. Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I doing something wrong? Right now I have the phone set to 5 min check intervals and it still doesn't automatically indicate I have new mail even though I know there is two brand new e-mails sitting there waiting for me. Thanks in advance for the help

  2. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    Mine has never notified me of a new email yet either, but it does auto-download them.
  3. jvcjbl

    jvcjbl Active Member

    Bump for anyone else experiencing this or ideas?
  4. scottslc

    scottslc Member

    I found it easier to just forward my regular email (pop3) to my gmail account. It's all filtered and I don't have to wait for the download of my pop3. Then when i get back to my desk i can check my regular email on outlook. Just a thought...
  5. scottslc

    scottslc Member

    But here's another email issue. I purchase things off craigslist. ( If I click on the email tag, my gmail likes to replace the extention to so my email doesn't go through. Craigslist likes to throw a text into the subject line and i think this is what is throwing it off. If i use my pop3 account, it leaves the "to" line blank and i can't just copy and paste the address into it. Any thougths on this would be helpful. I buy and sell on craigslist a lot...

  6. Mrqwebb2

    Mrqwebb2 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know why we can't view pics in gmail without it being an attachment?
  7. stevesj76

    stevesj76 New Member

    I can confirm the same issue and solution. The email app would never auto download mail and therefore never gave me notifications. I gave up and started forwarding to my gmail account. That is when I found that the gmail client doesn't seem to have a reply-to-address option. At least the email client seems to be open source now so someone can fix it.
  8. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    i'm having similar POP email issues. I never get notified and it seems that the mssages dont get downloaded to the phone, but read directly off the server. I also get a lot of "connection issue" messages when trying to refresh. I never get notifications and cannot find a way to delete emails from my trash folder. This phone just cannot cut it right now, especially for work. My BB Curve did everything i needed and much, MUCH more.

    Also, not to change topics, is there a vibrate only mode for silent?

    I feel that this was a major step DOWN from the current phone market....

    Anyone else feel this way?
  9. Spabe

    Spabe Member

    There is a massive thread concerning POP and IMAP email support over on TMobile's website here.

    It turns out that IMap and POP mail isn't working for everyone. However, I have not experienced any issues with my email. I do desktop support for a university and receive about a 40 emails a day and maintain a email archive that must be about 5,000 deep at this point.
  10. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    thanks for that link! this is absolutely absurd of google. the guru's of web search and email have stepped aboard the FAILBOAT for one hell of a ride.

    if this isn't resolved within a week, i will be returning my phone and brushing the very very small amount of dust off my blackberry for use again. it may not have a good browser or cool touch screen, but at least it's reliable and has had all the basic functions from day one...
  11. Spabe

    Spabe Member

    Returning to the Blackberry is completely up to you but as far as i can tell from the research i did is that this email issue is TMobile's fault (at least they are taking responsibility for it at this time). They have mentioned that this has been an issue that they have dealt with in the past and they are working very hard to fix the problem.

    There is a reason why Blackberry is the number one email device used in a corporate setting. The only real limitation is its attachment support (which Android does pretty shitty at right now too).
  12. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    where have you heard that T-Mobile has acknowledged and is taking responsibility for the POP mail issue?

    i very much agree about attachments... can't even open PDF files!!!! i'm in a small business environment who needs simple (reliable) POP mail, attachment viewing, satisfactory battery life, and my GPS while navigating in different states. so far, i'm not all too thrilled with all the above. Mesasging services need to be OTA, etc. same stuff everyone else has been posting about.

    not to stray away from the main topic, i NEED pop mail WITH notifications!! make it happen!! >_< lol

    finally, how do you delete emails out of the trash folder? can't seem to find it.
  13. Spabe

    Spabe Member

    T-Mobile has been quoted saying "We used to see similar errors and symptoms with the old MyEmail service and the new Consumer Email Client."

    The G1 handles attachments, it just renders them in a weird HTML window which is very limited and won't even let you zoom in and out.

    As far as deleting trash items the only thing i can figure out is that you have to delete each email individually from the trash box. A lot of email clients let you create a trash clearing rule, I'm guessing they figured that it would be handled server side.

    Good thing is, I am guessing there will be some amazing email programs for this phone very soon.
  14. krstofer

    krstofer Well-Known Member

    I have both my imap yahoo and my pop optonline (cable) working on my phone as well as my gmail account and I get notification when I recieve new emails on all accounts.

    Is it possible it is by location? Also, some of us have learned that there are wifi issues when checking mail also.
  15. mstipanov

    mstipanov New Member


    I wonder if you can implement the action "Move message to folder" so I can move the messages from my Inbox to a folder directly from my phone?

    Now I have to do that in my PC e-mail client.


    If you are looking for developers ... where do I sign?
  16. JerryRL

    JerryRL New Member

    I recently upgraded (?) from a BB Bold to a HTC Sensation. I had two IMAP emails on my BB and I would get almost instant notifications. Now with my droid I have to open email to see if I have email. That is a real PIA and the screens in operation drain the battery very fast. I think I have tried everything. I called my domain person (Mad Dog Domains) and he said I should try another email app, I heard of K9.
    I have several questions;

    If I migrate all of my emails over to K9 (or another if you know of a better one) will I get notifications?

    Do I need to remove my emails from this original phone app 1st?

    Do I need to remove this original phone app?

    Thanks in advance,


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