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    Aug 18, 2011
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    I've just got an original X10 mini pro, previously had a BlackBerry. BlackBerry was perfect for email, X10 not so much.

    Compare these pictures of the built-in email app, and the gmail app on BlackBerry - subject line and other headers are kept to a minimum at the top of the screen, leaving the rest of the space for the email body (looks good):

    bb native email app:

    bb gmail app:

    And on the X10 - the headers take up the WHOLE TOP HALF of the screen, in both the native email app AND the gmail app! (looks bad):

    x10 native email app:

    x10 gmail app:

    I thought these apps are supposed to be optimised for a small screen??!

    Is there even a way to reduce the font size like I could in the BlackBerry?
    Very unimpressed with X10 at the moment.


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