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  1. azav8ter

    azav8ter Member

    Anyone figure out how to save E-mail attachments? I can preview but that it.

  2. AutoSortX

    AutoSortX Well-Known Member

    hmm, are you using gmail app or the mail?? there's no download button?

    for Gmail, I get a download or preview button next to the attachment!!
    in Mail (yahoo), there is an icon with a paper clip that you click on to download.

    after download, normally attachments get saved to their designated, music, etc.
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  3. azav8ter

    azav8ter Member

    Thanks! Yeah on my emails those options are way down at the bottom once you press the paper clip so it seemed like nothing happened.

    Along the same line, when I am sent a calendar invite from a friend, I see the .ICS file but I can not do anything but read the invite. Is there a way it auto loads into my calendar? It is a google calendar invite to my google calendar?
  4. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    I have looked into the .ics files too, but currently there is no easy way to add that to your calendar. What you can do though is download the .ics file to your phone, then use an app to load the .ics file into your calendar.

    In other words, there is no built in way to handle .ics files on android. You have to find apps to help.

    Try searching the market for ics or iCal. A quick search found this app: Ics Bot - Android app on AppBrain

    I haven't had the need for this so I haven't tried it...
  5. azav8ter

    azav8ter Member

    Ok I ran an experiment today. It turns out that if a person send you a calender invite on their google email to MY google email, it automatically loads to my google calender!! Yeah! I still have no idea how to do it on any other email client or if someone uses their "other" email client to send to my gmail.
  6. woodywoodman

    woodywoodman New Member

    Droid X (Android 2.2) press and hold on shaded area right of attachment and a popup menu will appear with options
  7. mugman33

    mugman33 New Member

    I found out and why I didnt notice it before is beyond me but in Gmail App when you download it... It does download to your phone...Only its in the Root folder of your Android Phone... So here are the steps

    1. Download attachment in Gmail App....
    2. Goto App Menu>Files>Phone Files>Download and find your file you want
    3. Press and Hold File and choose either [copy or move] your choice
    4a. If picture choose DCIM and paste there.
    4b. If any other file type... Create folders as needed and paste.

    Hope this helps Android Users!

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