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Email Client - Specific Feature

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  1. Ke1th

    Ke1th New Member

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking for a email app which will highlight emails in different colours depending on certain criteria.

    For example, the background colour for the mail in the inbox might be different for emails from a certain address, or with a certain key word or to a certain address.

    I have tried a lot of email clients and they only seem to be able to highlight emails which are from different accounts but are all shown in a consolidated mailbox.

    My problem is that I am forwarding all my work email to my personal account so I can read them on the go, and I want to make them stand out. Due to the way the emails are forwarded by my work email server, they land in my personal account still with my work email as the To: field. It would be great if I could change the background colour of all emails with this different address in the To field to make them easy to find.

    None of the apps which I have tried seem to be able to do this - K9, Enhanced Email, Aqua Email, Maildroid & Profimail.

    This is would be a really useful feature which is found in all thick mail clients, so it would be great if you could point me at an Android app which does the same.

    Thanks very much for your help!

    Cheers, Keith.

  2. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    What you could do (and is similar to what I do) is create a gmail account specifically for the forwarded email. Then an app like K9 or Kaiten will allow you to color code those emails to make them stand out in your unified inbox.
  3. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    With "Enhanced Email" you can choose a background colour for each email account, but I think this is the only criteria that is available, no keywords... Further more the app is expensive for an Android app, it costs $10 ))

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  4. Ke1th

    Ke1th New Member

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for your replies.

    I have now done what you have said and set up a 2nd email account to forward all my work mail to and they come up in different colours in K9.

    Perfect solution as it keeps everything seperate and the mails are easily identified!

    Thanks muchly!


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