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  1. abug2006

    abug2006 New Member

    I have two pop accounts set up on my G1. I have them set up on the pc to delete them off the server once downloaded to the pc. When I get an email on my G1 it stays there even after I download them to my pc. My message count says 356 on the G1 for one of the emails. However, when I click on inbox no messages appear. I just don't want these emails on my phone (if they are even there) after I download them to my pc. With Windows Mobile if I downloaded them to my pc, the next time my phone checked for emails they were gone. Maybe they are not on my phone and it is a setting for resetting the message count. Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. RRxing

    RRxing New Member

    Is there any FREE apps that I can use to increase the volume of the alarm clock or steps in the phone it self to add higher volume then it currently has? PLEASE HELP

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