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  1. jim5047

    jim5047 New Member

    Posted this query in the main forum as i am new. Didn't know there are separate forums for each tablet. My question is why do my emails disappear. I know they arrive as i am notified in the bottom right of screen on my tablet. On occasions they will appear for me to read but delete themselves when i close the app. I am using my Virgin media account not Google.

    Thanks Jim.

  2. davect01

    davect01 Active Member

    Sounds irritating. I use a cox account and have not experienced this.
  3. siddys

    siddys Member

    Not sure if you have solved your email issue as the post is old, but I had the same issue, in the email settings I changed the 'pop' account to an 'IMAP' account
  4. acacia8302

    acacia8302 New Member

    could'nt open connection to server on my emails some time works some time dont

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