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  1. sejimoto

    sejimoto New Member

    :confused:I have had my Breakout since about December. About a month after I got it, it suddenly stopped syncing all my accounts. I tried everything I could think of, rebooting the phone and all, and nothing worked. I figured it was a software problem and had Verizon send my a replacement Breakout. A couple of months later, same problem. This time a factory restore fixed the problem, but only for a couple of months. After a few more factory restores, I finally rooted my phone and installed the Brokenout Rom hoping this would stop this problem. A month later, I am back in the same place. I have gone into my accounts settings and unchecked/checked all the accouts' sync settings, rebooted my phone, nothing works. I haven't done anything different with my phone each time this has happened, it always works in the morning and then stops working later. I can always tell because I stop getting emails for a few hours and so I know something is wrong. Anybody else have this problem/know of a fix?

  2. billlwoo

    billlwoo Member

    kind of the same problem with mine. I rooted my phone about a phone ago and my contacts and twitter account and a few random other accounts do not sync anymore or alert me with any notifications. Can't figure it out.
  3. airlynk

    airlynk New Member

    Same thing here, and i am on broken out rom but when i went to CWM to Factory Reset it killed my 3g/4G Baseband Radio :/.... also the phone tracks and knows it's been rooted in the ##program menu so who knows... right now trying to find a working link to the Pre-update stock "untouched" Rom

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