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  1. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Trying to set up my work email, and the app does not supply engouh fields for all the required info. I have to set up as an ' other' account. the incoming and out going server account names have to match and it does not give me a field in the incoming section to enter the information. any help please??


    NCST8WLFPK New Member

    I purchased my LG Spectrum today...and I am also having trouble setting up my email. Just last week...I set up my co-worker's email on his new HTC Thunderbolt...and it worked like a charm. So I know it should work on the Spectrum as well. But the setup is a little different...and I keep getting an error indicating that "my username (emaild address) or password is invalid". Either that or it will tell me that I can't connect to my account.

    I have set this same email account up on numerous phones...and I am not a novice at this kind of I am really confused as to why I can't get it to work!

    My email is a POP.3 account if that wasn't already apparrent to everyone.


    NCST8WLFPK New Member

    Okay....I think I might be able to help you out. But before I explain what is going on...or what I am pretty sure is going is what you need to do...

    Go to the android market...and download the K-9 Mail App for free...and use it as your email browser for your phone. I have a work email that is setup as a POP3 account. My incoming and outgoing mail servers are also identical. You will notice when you setup your email on will be able to input the info you need...such as port, email servers...etc. In my case...I had to input my username (my email address), password, incoming and outgoing serviers...and incoming port (110) and outgoing port (25). I didn't need any of the security/encryption I left everything else unchecked. But you should find the approporiate placed to input what you need if you have encryption/security settings.

    After looking at my coworkers HTC Thunderbolt (which I was able to easily setup)...and the Droid Razr at the Verizon Store...and comparing the email setup to the LG's...I have noticed that they vary a little bit from phone to phone. While they basically work the same...LG (like the other companies) have put there own spin on the email setup. And the problem is with their email setup system...not anthing related to Android 2.3.5.

    What it appears that LG has tried to do is to actually make it easier to setup...but in fact it is actually causing an issue. When you do the account setup..and Add an account...and hit "Other" prompts you for your email address and password. When you hit "manual" then prompts you for your incoming server and port...then the security setting (if needed). Unlike the email setup on the HTC Thunderbolt and the Razr...and I am sure that there is NO place to imput your username and password that would allow you to logon to your incoming server. So they have either forgotten to put these fields in their setup...OR...they are trying to pull the username and password from the First Screen when you input the email address and password. I think it is the latter...and the reason being is that when you go to the Outgoing Servier info...and look at the bottom fields for username and password...there is info already in those fields. In my case...the username on my Outgoing setting page is a portion of the email address I entered on the very first page. So that tells me that LG's email setup thinks that my username is that portion of my email adress...which is NOT the case. My actual username is my full email adress. looks to me like LG's email setup automaticaly uses your Username as everything to the left of the @ symbol that you input on the very first page of the email setup (email - password inputs).

    I know that this is kinda of confusing...but the bottom line is that I was able to easily seutp my work email on an HTC...and the Droit Razr...but the LG email setup is flawed.

    So until LG provides a fix in a future update...then I highly doubt you will get it to work properly.

    By the way....unless the folks at your Verizon Store are much more informed on how email accounts work...and troubleshooting issues...don't waste your time on going to see them. The guy at the Verizon store simply tried to input the same info that I did...and I explained to him that it wasn't an input problem...that it had to be a software issue with the Phone.

    So he put me in touch with an "advanced" technical guy...who couldn't fix the problem either. But he was helpful in that he told me to go to the Android Market and download K-9 Mail.

    I will try to setup my email again once LG provides their next update...and let everyone know if it fixes the issue.

    Good Luck!!
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  4. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    i think your dead on. In the out going section where it actually displayes the user name and password, mine has a check box for the usernames and passwords to match. You uncheck that box and can manually enter information. I have changed those to the correct info and i no longer get the ' cannot connect to server' notification. I now get a wrong email adress or password. So be doing this is must change the email adress portion at the begining. I know the stock email app works correctly on the Nexus also. ty for the help, ill look into the k-9 app
  5. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    ended up using k-9. this kinda sux i have 3 diff apps for 3 diff emails. Fired up my Ally though and the stock email on that works fine. So its something specific in the Spectrum or the UI/OS
  6. inquisitive1

    inquisitive1 New Member

    I've had this phone since Saturday, and this is my first smartphone, so I have a lot to learn. I'm trying to read everything here, but it is very overwhelming.

    I set up 2 gmail accounts, one for work and one personal one. I also added a yahoo mail account. I have set the retrieval interval to manual so it is not pushing the emails to the phone since I have my phone shut off at work and 99% of the emails are checked on a computer.

    The problem is that even when I delete emails from a desktop computer, I leave work, manually check my email on the phone, and all the emails that I've deleted throughout the day are now there as new ones.

    Is there some way to get new mail only in the inbox on the phone? It is quite a pain deleting the messages on the phone that I've already deleted on the computer.
  7. DanOK9

    DanOK9 New Member

    I have had this phone since April last year (my first smart? phone as well) and the email issues remain the same.

    Yahoo email is several hours behind the delivery to my computer and the double effort to delete and file emails is annoying to say the least.

    Time to find a real smartphone.
  8. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    That delay happens with any email. The only way it will stay current is if you are constantly connected to data/wifi and have push notifications enabled. The Spectrum can be a powerful phone if you know what you are doing with it. I, and many other people, are working as hard and often as we can to make this phone better for all of you. Now, my question is, did you set your email up through the stock app or are you using separate apps for each email?
  9. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    FWIW: K9 mail client is excellent, and you can define whatever accounts to it that you want. I have it handling two on my phone, and three on my HP Touchpad.

    If you know what you are doing, or if you take the time to figure it out - it is superior IMHO to the stock email client.

    It has nothing to do with the phone HW.

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