Email is disappearing from phone once i open outlook on my computerSupport

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  1. wmuwally

    wmuwally Member

    I have a work email account that is hosted by Gmail. I access it though outlook 2007. I set that account up on my EVO with the IMAP settings. The email gets delivered to the phone but as soon as I send/receive in outlook, the emails on my phone disappear even if they have been opened. I want them to stay on ym phone until i delete them. Anyone know how to do this?

  2. jebrank

    jebrank Well-Known Member

    I would check under settings in Outlook and check to make sure it says leave copy of message on server. Good luck hope this solves it.
  3. wmuwally

    wmuwally Member

    I tried that already. Its checked and they still disappear.
  4. rhamm621

    rhamm621 Active Member

    Do you use the Gmail app on your phone, or the Mail app? If you are using the regualr Mail app, try switching to the Gmail app and see if that fixes the problem.
  5. wmuwally

    wmuwally Member

    It appears that by adding my working account under the gmail account worked. But i also found out that under the pop settings i had to make sure it was leaving a copy of the message on the server. I had previously only changed that in my outlook settings. My next question is: Is there any benefit to not having both accounts set up under the Gmail App?

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