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email is not to be deleted

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  1. spacegremlin

    spacegremlin New Member

    Phone : lg optimus l3
    system : v10k-aug-08-2012
    kernal :

    how can i solve this.

    i have email installed on the phone.
    the one were you can insert your pop and smtp.

    i receive email on the phone - OK
    i receive the same email on my pc - OK
    then i remove the email on my pc -OK
    i also remove that email from the deleted folder on my pc -OK

    Microsoft mail is set for the next options.
    Keep email on the server for 3 days
    Delete the mail on de server when the mail is deleted from the delete folder.

    Than i am going to check that same email account on my browser.
    and the email has been removed. so everything is okey till now.

    But when i check my phone the email is not automaticly removed.

    There for i have to manual delete my mails on my phone everyday.
    but that are many emails.

    What settings can i change so it will delete the mails on my phone
    When deleted on my pc. previous i had a acer and that phone did that
    With no problems??

    I contacted the dealer of the lg phone, but they cannot help me.
    and say you have to be at android

    Thanks in advance

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    In the phone app go to server settings and set it to sync deletes with the server.
  3. spacegremlin

    spacegremlin New Member

    where can i find that because
    if i go to email settings of all my 5 email pop accounts
    i cannot choose settings.

    if i choose i pop email, then i can choose settings.
    but there is nothing to say sync deleting.

    am i looking at the wrong place?
  4. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Look in server settings.
  5. spacegremlin

    spacegremlin New Member

    tonight i will make some photos if you want you can tell me if i am looking wrong.

    but why is it. i tough why not check the androids apps in the store.

    so i downloaded the first free one K-9

    i installed it, and in that version there is a option for sync deleted email.
    but in my stock email there isnt.

    i would like to continue this, so i will make some screen shot.
    because i find it very weird that the stock email just will not do this.

    greetings and thanks in advance

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