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  1. sboggus

    sboggus Well-Known Member

    Is there a market app or something I am misssing that can 'beef up' the email app. I have tried all of the gmail reconfiguring to get some of the functionality, but good old yahoo bizmail has known issues that causes problems in trying to use gmail for yahoo on the phone.

    I desparately need settings like a signature for my email replies. Google just doesn't currently work for me. Anyone have any suggestions? Probably my biggest complaint. Google is not my favorite for email, contacts, etc. and I am trying hard to use it as needed since this whole phone revolves around it, but its like take huge steps backwards in functionality and customization from my windows mobile phones.

  2. wodin

    wodin Well-Known Member

    I have similar issues to yours, and what I ended up doing was subscribing to a hosted Exchange service at Application Hosting at IT Solutions Now , and using Moxier mail. There are many other hosted Exchange services, just Google them. I chose IT Solutions Now because they offer unlimited mailbox size.

    Moxier is an excellent app,and comes pre-installed on the Moment. It works VERY well for me, and I have re-configured all of my email accounts to funnel through Exchange, and sort it all into folders within my Exchange mailbox.

    The down side is there is a re-occurring monthly cost of $9.95. It is worth it for me to get the services I need, your results may vary.
  3. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    how does moxier mail work?
  4. wodin

    wodin Well-Known Member

    Moxier is only an Exchange client (doesn't do POP or IMAP), so you need to either have a corporate Exchange server or a hosted Exchange service.

    If you have that, it works extremely well, and addresses most of the issues the folks have with the native email app.

    I have chosen to pay the $9.95/month for a hosted Exchange service, and for my use find it well worth it. Your mileage may vary!

  5. momentoid

    momentoid Well-Known Member

    The "Gmail"client that comes pre-installed on Moment is very primitive. To handle multiple accounts I was using the "Email" app that too comes pre-installed. Even that was not letting me attach non-picture files. It would not even appear as an option in a list of Send clients of a file-manager. Using "K-9 Mail" email client from the Market solved these problems. It has a lot more features including saving attachments to SD card.
  6. melsreturn

    melsreturn New Member

    I hope you don't mind if I ask a question.

    I got my new Samsung Moment yesterday. Immediately, it asked me for email address (for the email icon on the front desktop, NOT Gmail icon). So I typed in my Gmail email address and it would not connect. I had to use another email which is on Comcast.

    So then later, I went back in to change settings when I returned home cause I had the pop server info. I also saw that the Gmail had an icon in the program list.

    Where is my Gmail email actually coming from? Are notifications coming from the Email icon as that is hopefully the one I set up, or is it coming from the Gmail icon? I am confused because, I tried to edit the settings and it still shows my Comcast email. OH GARSH I'm confused.

    PLUS, I dont like this email. It has no folders to say "compose" or anything. Its just not functional. Is there something MORE REAL to life, as in how the outlook inbox looks?
  7. Cirga

    Cirga Well-Known Member

    Go to the market and get K-9 mail as suggested above if you dont like the built in client.

    The mail notification comes from whatever you set up originally in your email on the phone. I get my notifications from my gmail box because its what i set in there. I honestly end up using a browser for webmail instead of an actual client. the mobile Gmail box looks great on the Moment, and with the Dolphin browser its extremely functional for my needs.

    Then again.. I only use gmail and have since beta.

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