Email issue with Yahoo on my Android device

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  1. Amitonweb

    Amitonweb New Member


    I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 and have various email accounts set up on my device. However, every time I delete messages from my Yahoo account on my device, it loads previous messages from my Yahoo inbox. I have lots of old messages in my account but do not want my device to pull them every time. Is there a solution to stop this and only show new messages? I do not have this issue with my work as well as hotmail email account.


  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello Amitonweb. Welcome to Android Forums. I'm not familiar with the settings on your S4 but I'm sure there is a place for you to choose what mail you are getting and if it is to leave it on the server or not. For the best assistance on the matter I would encourage you to check out the S4 discussion area. Just ask in there and I'm certain the friendly members that own the S4 will guide you in the right direction. Here is a link to the S4 area: Samsung Galaxy S4 - Android Forums
    Thanks for joining the AF community. I hope you resolve your problem and gain additional insight into your S4 with the use of these forums.

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