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  1. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Just returned my hero for a moment but am not able to set up my yahoo email account. Anyone else have this issue? I keep getting a message that username or password is incorrect.

    I had no problem setting up my google email (duh!) or google voice but not yahoo email... even tried to do it manually through the pop3...:(

    Any suggestions... will be at a conference the next 2 days and really need to access my email during it!


  2. satinkzo

    satinkzo Well-Known Member

  3. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. Read through the thread and tired the pop and imap setup but they didn't work. Will probably head to sprint during a break tomorrow and see what they suggest.

    Kinda strange since I had no issues setting up 2 of ymail accounts with the hero.
  4. LincKraker

    LincKraker Well-Known Member

    scotth501 had a post with settings that i tested on my disposable yahoo account and they worked.
  5. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Can't get it to work with mine... wonder if it's a glitch with my phone. Am going to head to a sprint store and see if I can set it on their working demo. If I can then I am going back to best buy and change my phone out until I get one that I can do it with! :D
  6. masbirdies

    masbirdies Well-Known Member

    but...I'll post it anyway.

    I have 5 different email accounts. When I got the Moment, I had 4. 2 yahoo, 1 gmail, 1 from my internet provider. Believe it or not, they are all useful and I don't want to give any of them up.

    So, after I got the moment, I set up my main Gmail account for the Moment, and then set up separate emails accounts in the email app.

    Quite frankly, I hated the email app. So I got thinking, maybe it was time to finally get rid of some of my email accounts. So, in deciding how the new dna of my email heirarchy was going to look, I decided to open up another gmail acconut and make that my main Moment Gmail account. I use the other gmail account strictly for vm messages from my Magic Jack (home) and Google Voice. I wanted to keep it that way.

    So as I got playing with the new gmail account, there was all these new features that weren't there when I set my original gmail account up a couple of years ago. There is the ability in gmail sync up to 5 email accounts via your gmail internet login (not on the moment). This works just like you set up a pop3 on the Moment. However, if you set it up in your Moment's primary gmail account, all of the mail converges into that account and is LABELED as to what account it came from. Furthermore, you can set it up that when you send a reply, the reply looks as though it came from the account in which the original email was sent to (i.e. a yahoo adresss, etc....).

    The gmail app is much better than the pop3 email apps. It allows you to manage mail efficiently and with options. When mail comes in from Yahoo or my internet provider's email, it has a little blue LABEL that denotes which account and mail service the email came from.

    I had no idea this capability was in the gmail accounts capabilities but it is...and the native gmail app in the Moment handles this really well.

    So, I've bagged the sorry email app in the Moment and have everything funneling in, very efficiently, to the gmail app.

    Hope this info is a revelation for someone else out there and is useful.

    Got dayum, I am loving Android and the Moment more and more every day....between this find and the way Google Voice works (lets me call all land lines on my mobile without using any minutes on my cell plan), I'm a very happy camper.
  7. masbirdies

    masbirdies Well-Known Member

    Go into Yahoo mail > options > account information > under the banner account settings choose "set language, type, and time zone" > Preferred Content banner " new setting" > Yahoo Asia. I kept my time as EST.

    Your POP3 settings will now be enabled. Go into gmail (via the web) Settings > Accounts and Import. From there you can funnel everything into your main gmail account and use the gmail app on the Moment to manage up to 5 separate accounts.
  8. Flipper

    Flipper Guest

    Great information! I'm somewhat in the same situation as you. Thanks!
  9. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    So far I have tried just about every suggestion I have found on the forums and none of them have worked. Am not sure I really want to funnel everything through gmail... especially since I already have one account that forwards to my business ymail already.

    Have now started thinking about returning the moment and just sitting around for another few months to see what else sprint comes out with.

    Didn't know that using the google voice to make calls on the cell phone doesn't count towards minutes so will really have to give this a lot of thought now.

    As much as I didn't like the hero's virtual keyboard I will have to admit that the battery seemed to alst longer (the one on the moment didn't even last me the day today and I only made 1 call, 1 text and used the browser for less than 15 min!) and had no issues with accessing ymail... if it had a real keyboard I would have fallen in love with it and kept it for at least a year. :p
  10. LincKraker

    LincKraker Well-Known Member

    have you tried restarting the phone then trying again? the IMAP trick worked fer me...
  11. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Been there... done that... no luck!

    Could it be possible that I got a phone with a software glitch??
  12. akenis

    akenis Well-Known Member

    SEVEN ? Proven Push Platform for Mobile Applications

    You can sign up for the beta app. Used to use the winmo version sometimes. It can go to exchange, or grab any http type mail. Push. Very easy to setup. You enter your number from a browser, and it will txt you a link to download the android app.

    One app for all your mail. Full folder sync I think, and your device equals you web accounts, exchange and desktop client.

    Cons: no html yet. no cut or paste.

    Is there anything out there client wise for android that can solve all issues?
  13. vincarrillo

    vincarrillo Member

    I keep seeing post about Exchange. I use MS Outlook and I found "Moxier Mail" on the phone - will this allow me to get my Outlook emails, calendars and contacts on my phone?
  14. akenis

    akenis Well-Known Member

    Moxer will go to a corporate exchange server and bring in contacts, mail and calendar. No way to get straight from a desktop running outlook.

    Plus my co's got something weird on the server that strips html. The damn iphone client just gets everything from webaccess I believe. Beautifully formated.

    Plus no copy and paste.... no notes and no tasks. Just seems this device really needs some solid synchronization tools for industry standard items.

    What about basic file sync for my spreadsheets? What's the best solution. Guess that's a separate thread...
  15. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Doesn't look like it will support the moment at this time.
  16. Flipper

    Flipper Guest

    Did you try downloading the version for the G1 and using it? I only ask because I used this for the Hero and it worked great. I think it's more dependent on the OS rather than the device... but I may be wrong.
  17. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    No, I didn't. I might give it a try but don't like not getting html or not being able to cut and past... just can't figure out why I had no problem setting up ymail with the hero since they both have the same os.

    Also can't figure out why the suggestions that worked for others won't work on my phone.

    Am going to go to a sppint store after my conference ends and see if I can set it up on their demo... if I can, then it must be some glitch on the phone I have.
  18. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    I used to use seven on my N95 and liked it a lot.

    Had no idea they had an android version.

    My setup is: I have a yahoo email address (I prefer the layout/folder thing way better than gmail - although I am slowly getting used to it) that I don't really check any more - although mail is still sent there.
    I have my gmail set up to "fetch" mail from the yahoo account. It gets labelled "YMAIL" when it comes into the inbox. I just wish the fetch was a little quicker from gmail's side.

    If I need to check my ymail, I do it in the browser. I have full folder access, and can add the shortcut to my homescreen if I want to.

    Now, what I'd like to know is: are google planning on letting us turn off conversation mode in gmail?
    How do I get my ymail in my gmail account faster? If I set up an auto-forward from ymail, all mail will arrive "from me", not from the recipient, no?
  19. zikronix

    zikronix Member

    same deal here with yahoo...its weird cause it works fine on the hero, and it works sporaddically on the moment
  20. akenis

    akenis Well-Known Member

    SEVEN is working great here. I mean it works. You have to go to the website and register. Follow the links to download. I think once you get the file, you have to check something on the Android to allow "non market" apps. I'm using it for both my work and hotmail. Neither has HTML and no cut/paste options.

    I think POP access to anything is useless. I end up reading and deleting everything twice. No way to move stuff to folders with POP on the stock app.

    Since my company has somehow stripped html from the activesync...it was a no brainer to stick with Seven. At least the links show up.

    Another big wish: Attachments! I haven't seen an app yet that downloads the attachments automatically (win mobile did). I do most of my e-mail stuff while flying...wasted time not having the attachments there.

    I need to learn up on gmail I guess. Don't understand the whole "label" "archive" "IMAP" conventions. I guess this could work if I can either fetch from gmail or forward from hotmail. Anyone?

  21. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Am really thinking about turning my moment back in and just waiting to see what comes out in the next few months... am getting annoyed with trying to work around not getting ymail without going through gmail and let's face it, the battery life is awful compared to the hero.

    Have had it for 3 days now and the battery barely makes it past 10 hours and I'm not even using the phone that much.... the past 2 days I sent out 1 text message each day and made 2-3 phone calls each lasting under 5 mins. Did use the browser to check ymail several times throughout the day but that was it.

    With the hero, it was synch to ymail and fetched mail throughout the day plus I acutally did some searches on google, made several calls daily and sent of a few texts... and was able to go 2 days before having to charge the battery back up!

    However with the moment I really do like having a real keyboard, the screen is great and the vlice dialer is awesome!!

    And I want to stay with sprint... can't beat their price plan and just learned that if I call land lines through google voice they don't count towards my minutes....
  22. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    The only way this is possible is if you added your GV number to your Favs. Which not everyone has.
  23. azdiver

    azdiver Active Member

    Well, I was able to get ymail working by using the asia setting and imap but that only lasted for 2 days. This morning when I tried to check email on it I got the old username/password incorrect again!

    Erased the data and tried to set it up again, but no luck. It's a business email so I really don't want to merge it into gmail... especially since I don't like the way gmail loads messages.

    Am open to other suggestions... other than this issue (battery is finally holding charges longer) I like the moment and don't want to change it out.
  24. Flipper

    Flipper Guest

    Although I know people have stated it in other posts, I've had great luck with installing the Beta program of 'Seven' to download my Yahoo mail.

    SEVEN Beta Program :: Log in

    When it asks you to specify the handset model, you'll specify 'All' then select 'Android'.

    It may not work as seamless as the OEM mail software on the Moment (or the Hero) but if you want to continue accessing your Yahoo email accounts, it works great - and you can utilize to access other email accounts as well.

    Hope this helps.
  25. akenis

    akenis Well-Known Member

    I decided to use the fetch mail from gmail. From the website I told it to go get my hotmail (leave a copy there for now...or you can have it removed from hotmail) and you can choose to send from gmail servers...or back from hotmail.

    I like the gmail app. The fetched mails have "hotmail" label. Easy to sort, ect. Push is quick. Full html, with picture option.

    Also set my outlook client to imap to g-mail. So I can finally turnoff that damned outlook connector...hardly works sometimes.

    Still don't understand gmail a lot. Labels vs IMAP. Archive and Delete? Conversations? Guess a mail can have multiple "labels".... Can someone explain?

    Still don't have a way to get my company mail off exchange with html. Using Seven for now. Like it better than moxer. I don't keep calendar or contacts on exchange. If you did, I guess you could use moxer to syn just contacts and calendar, and use seven for mail.

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