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email issues

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  1. Hellboy

    Hellboy Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 15, 2010
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    OK here goes. New Droid owner here:)

    Here is my issue:
    My gmail sets up fine and dandy. Problem is that I have my Company email forwarding to my gmail so I receive a copy (in outlook), and can send from my Company address outgoing as well.

    I had to replace my first Droid and now I can only get my gmail to deliver to my Droid? I used to have two accounts one for Gmail, and one for company mail. What the heck am I doing wrong when it worked no problem on my first Droid?

    Paraprhase: I can not setup a second acct on the Droid to receive my company email (most important)!!

    Any suggestions?

    ETA: Mods can you move this to the Motorola Droid forum? Apologies.


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