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  1. jfolliard

    jfolliard Well-Known Member

    well, suddenly my email is not responding. When I tap on the email icon nothing happens then after a few seconds I get this message - Email is not responding. would you like to close it? options are Wait or OK.

    I've turned the phone on and off to no avail.

    Is there a way to recycle or clear out the main email app? Or a way to uninstall and reinstall it. Obviously I do NOT want to do a factory reset.


  2. jfolliard

    jfolliard Well-Known Member

    PS - when it does finally open, I cannot delete any emails. weird.
  3. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Try going to Manage Apps and clearing the cache for the app.
  4. jfolliard

    jfolliard Well-Known Member

    thanks, I'll try that.
  5. nhirsch

    nhirsch Member

    same problem with Galaxy II. I'm thinking one of my installed apps is interfering and causing the problem. Not sure but it's annoying.

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