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  1. 1sved1

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    Greetings to all in this forum. Came to my S4 from an HTC EVO 3D and prior to that a rooted Hero. Transferred last Saturday and copied my email settings ahead of time to make sure all would go smoothly. Settings entered MANUALLY for two pop accounts (Comcast and a work account) and automatically for my Hotmail account. All settings passed muster when entered into the phone. Now all three receive mail just fine, but the two accounts I entered manually give me a "fail" message every time I try to send an email. The Hotmail account works just fine for both send and recieve. Triple checked the settings and they are correct and still pass when entered. Has me stumped. Any thoughts out there?

  2. 1sved1

    1sved1 Active Member

    Solved my own question - both accounts had SSL and required me to sign in - oops... Working slick now. Wish I could say the same for my wifi connection, but that's a different thread...

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