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Email Notification Sounds Not WorkingSupport

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  1. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    Anyone having any trouble with notification sounds giving the wrong sound in the stock email client? I've done numerous battery pulls and even a factory reset, but even though the notification sound is set at what I want, it continues to just give a "popping" sound. I can't think of anything else it can be. Text notifications are fine, call ringer is fine, it's just the email notification sound that is wrong. Anyone else seeing this?



  2. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Just a guess. Go to settings - sounds - notifications. Is that set to the pop sound?
  3. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    No, unfortunately, that's the first place I went. I've set it (and reset it) over and over.

    Every Android phone I've ever owned has some little flaw that wasn't correctable in the stock state. It wasn't until I rooted and starting experimenting with other ROMs that I could overcome these problems. That's all the more reason I can't wait for the bootloader to get permanently unlocked on this phone. Thanks for responding, though.
  4. undergone

    undergone Well-Known Member

    I've had issues with the tones too. My custom ringtones go back to to default after I restart the phone or plug it in to the computer and mount as disk drive.

    If a factory reset doesn't fix it, I'd try and get a replacement.
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  5. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    Were you able to resolve it with a factory reset? Or did you get a replacement?

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