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  1. johnmandy

    johnmandy Member

    I signed up for email notification for when the nexus 4 was available.... i got this ok from google, unfortunetly i was in work so was unable to order quick enough,... dam 3g signal.
    Should say i'm in the uk.
    Anyway my question, will i still be informed by the the playstore new stock is available... or am i just going to have to keep checking every day?.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, John!
    I would assume it will email you once it's available however I know a lot of folks never got notified when it was initially available and got burned. I'd recommend signing up AND checking every day just to be sure. I think the next time their available, they'll sell out fast.
  3. johnmandy

    johnmandy Member

    Thanks dreadnatty08,

    I have already signed up for email notification on my two used accounts, 1 google and 1 yahoo and was notified on the first batch.
    The problem i may have is the mobile version doesn't show the device sales within the playstore.... its only visible on the desktop version, although i did get a link to buy it now and fill basket..... but my 3g was very slow and i missed my chance.

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