Email or K9 won't load anything but brand new emails.

  1. Louche

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    I'm new to Android phones but my brother has had some for a couple years now and he has no idea what's causing this problem.

    I have a Samsung Gio and I use both gmail and normal mail (pop3 for business). What happens is if I go into my inbox right now on my phone, it does not list any emails, despite having lots in my outlook inbox. If I send myself an email (or anyone does from anywhere) and I get it first on my phone (as opposed to checking it on my outlook) it WILL show up on my phone. However as soon as I check it/receive it on outlook, it will disappear on my phone. Works the same way in that if I receive it first on outlook, it never will show up on my phone. I thought that maybe this is just a problem with the stock email app, but I downloaded K-9 mail and it does the exact same thing. I have been through every option I can find and nothing will fix it.

    As such, my gmail never does this and will load all the emails I have in my inbox.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Martimus

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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    If you read a message on your home computer using POP3 it typically will delete the message from the server. There is a setting in many email clients that governs whether or not the message is deleted from the server but it's typically buried in advanced settings. When you then try to see the message on your phone it won't be there as it's already been deleted from the server.

    If you read a message on your home computer using IMAP it leaves the message on the server until you delete it using an IMAP client. Therefore when you try to see the message on your phone using IMAP it will still be there. You can then delete the message on either your phone or computer and the deletion will be reflected on the other device.

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