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  1. BillyBoo

    BillyBoo Active Member

    Hi I have set my n7 up to receive and send copies of my email account. I can receive copies if new emails but can't send any emails they just sit in the outbox on the n7. I have checked the settings and they seem correct. Any ideas.

  2. Hoppy

    Hoppy Well-Known Member

    It does sound as if your SMTP settings are not correct. pop3 to receive SMTP to send. But if your sure there right I'm at a loss.

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  3. BillyBoo

    BillyBoo Active Member

    I have double checked settings and they are correct.
  4. Groid

    Groid Well-Known Member

    If you have a 3G N7 are you having this issue on wi-fi or just on data? While my Gmail has always worked great on wi-fi or data, I had originally setup my Yahoo on the regular email app for my Bionic. I could not send using data, I could only send using wi-fi. I finally just set Gmail to login and collect my Yahoo and ISP accounts and delete messages from their servers. Gmail identifies which account the message comes from and can even specify which account you want to send from. One stop shopping, all I have to do is check Gmail for all my accounts. My N7 is wi-fi only, but Gmail sends/receives emails just fine.
  5. GirlFriday

    GirlFriday Well-Known Member

    Suggest you contact your ISP. You obviously do not have the correct settings. If you did, your emails will send. Your ISP will be able to help. You probably have to use a different port or tweak the security.

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