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  1. BillyBoo

    BillyBoo Active Member

    Hi I use the stock email program on my nexus 7 ( not gmail) does anybody know if you can set up more folders under the inbox so I can keep certain emails in their, so not clogging up the main inbox. If not can anybody recommend an alternative email program. Thanks

  2. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer Guide

    I haven't used the email program on the N7 but I have used it on older Android devices and found it pretty awful.

    My first replacement was K-9 but I later switched to MailDroid which I preferred. Both work well with folders.
  3. Bigmacduck

    Bigmacduck New Member

    I use TouchDown for accessing corporate email on Microsoft Exchange server. I strongly recommend it.
  4. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I have used the stock email app and I never found a way to create a folder. I have also used K9 and found it to be pretty flexible. I haven't tried maildroid.

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