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  1. ers78corvette

    ers78corvette New Member

    My wife just switched from a blackberry bold to a samsung strastophere. We are trying to figure out a way to only delete emails from a sbcglobal email account on the device/phone and not on the server which flows to her work laptop. i.e. if she deletes message on the phone, it will still be in her outlook 2010 on her laptop. Any tips or help is very appreciated.


  2. pp1

    pp1 New Member

    I believe in the settings menu a box appears allowing emails to remain on the yahoo server.

    I have that box checked and I can retrive emails on other devices.

  3. chikni

    chikni New Member

    my husband took my phone yesterday to do something with it and today i was just checking my sim btw and found a liltle black micro chip in it next to where the regular sim goes. whta can that be .... is he tracking me. is he listening to my phone call or recording them

    Really appreciate a prompt reply.

    p.s my shift key is not working so cant put question marks on the above mentioned questions ..they are questions soo plz give answers

  4. yeyitacolon

    yeyitacolon New Member

    Why the battery die so fast? At night time while i'm sleeping and i'm not using mine phone , in the morning the battery is bellow 30%. Please give me some tips!!! Thanks

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