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Email setting for BTinternet usersSupport

  1. DonJ

    DonJ Active Member

    I am with Talkmobile (Vodafone) and BTInternet for my email.

    Incoming works fine with settings,
    POP3 server: mail.btinternet.com
    Port: 110

    I have tried the following for outgoing where all email go but fail to arrive
    SMTP server: mail.btinternet.com
    Port: 25 and 587

    Can anyone assist with the correct settings.

    Since posting earlier and having Googled it appears Vodafone have closed their 360 emailing system and there is no other way through their servers. So it looks like I will have to set up a Gmail account for mailing out.


  2. DonJ

    DonJ Active Member

    Sorted now,

    I created a gmail account then ported outgoing through it to btinternet.

    This way emails appear coming from btinternet.

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