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  1. fit_freak

    fit_freak New Member

    I have multiple email accounts on my Samsung Note 2 and have gone into the settings to change the following settings:

    - Display Combined Inbox
    - sort by read/unread

    The settings are never maintained and when I go back into the email app, it defaults to the first email account inbox and sorted by date.

    very to fix?

  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Works for me, and I did not have my view at like yours until now (Combined view/sort by unread). How are you accessing email, via the widget or the shortcut? Is the acct. which is opening set as your default account?
  3. fit_freak

    fit_freak New Member

    I'm accessing the email through the shortcut on the home page. The email it keeps defaulting to is NOT my default email account, but the first listed of the 7 email accounts I have added. Thanks!
  4. clickss

    clickss New Member

    The issue is when you don't have your accounts in a combined view. Changing from one account to the other or changing from combined view to an account, changes the display view back to "Today" instead of "Read / Unread".

    I use the an additional account to keep tabs on incoming work that others receive as well. I like to quickly mark all as read. To complete this now, I must first sort by read / Unread and then mark all as read.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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