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  1. kdar

    kdar Member

    I have 2 email accounts on my phone. One is a hotmail account and the other is set up in Microsoft Outlook account. The problem seems to be occurring with the Microsoft Outlook account.
    Recently I changed the password for this account online, and I got the message saying it could not connect with the server. So I removed the Microsoft Outlook account and restarted the email setup using the new password.

    However, every time I try to start this it says "username or password incorrect".

    I know my password and username is correct because when I do the same thing by signing in my email account on my phone via web, I sign in fine, there's no problem. The problem is with the email accounts on the phone itself.

    Does anyone know how to sort this out without having to restore factory settings?

  2. sultanpur

    sultanpur New Member

    pls help me
  3. kdar

    kdar Member

    What do you need help in?
  4. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    Make sure you have the correct settings for the email account. Make sure you put it in the correct domain, username, password, and server.
  5. kdar

    kdar Member

    I do have the correct username and password, etc settings.
  6. amorist

    amorist New Member

    Here is the problem of Hotmail...not you. If you up your mail to hotmail will work well.
  7. misccold

    misccold New Member

    Same problem with a Gmail account.
    I tried resetting factory settings, changing the password online, to no avail.

    I had to create a new gmail address and forward all mail to that address from the previous one. I still cannot use my G+. I cannot import my contacts. It really stinks.

    I found out what I was doing wrong. I had set up 2-step authentication on GMAIL after reading a horror story on the web. And it told me at the time that mobile devices would not be able to connect with the account password and needed one generated online. I had no smartphone back then so I forgot all about it. It works now except gTalk is still stuck to the new account I created.

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