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  1. gmg93

    gmg93 Member

    hi i recently brought the xperia x10 and i can not add my hotmail account it keeps coming up with unable to open connection to the server. i was able to add my gmail account though.
    please help

  2. sleepless

    sleepless Well-Known Member

    Just have your hotmail emails forwarded to your gmail. Log into gmail, go to account settings and set it up. Did it with my hotmail and yahoo account and it's fine.
  3. SuperMuna

    SuperMuna Active Member

    hotmail works fine for me. select the "Email" icon, hit the menu button and add account. enter your username and password, make sure you enter it like this e.g. then enter password and viola.
  4. gmg93

    gmg93 Member

    thanks for the help got my email set up but i can not send emails but i can recive emails when i try to send an email it comes up with a connection error and just stays in the outbox folder ?
  5. ameinild

    ameinild Member

    Are you trying to fetch mail through a 3G connection, or a wireless internet connection? I experienced that I was unable to fetch mail on the mail account through a 3G connection, and this was because my phone internet connection was set to WAP and not INTERNET. When using a WAP connection, there was a proxy server that closed the email ports - but when using INTERNET connection, all ports were open, and I could access imap mail normally. This might be a tip for others...
  6. Duncs

    Duncs Well-Known Member

    I use pop3 and had to change my SMTP port to 587 with TLS set to always to get my outgoing hotmail to work.

    I will list all the settings i use here for anyone else who may have an issue with hotmail. These are the pop3 settings as i had problems with getting imap to work.

    Port 995
    SSL always

    Port 587
    TLS always

    Hope this helps some people :)
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  7. krist

    krist New Member

    please help..i cannot add my yahoo always keep saying that i got wrong username and password...
  8. daveharl

    daveharl New Member

    Wouldnt usually write in thse forums but this forum has been VERY helpful in setting up my Android Xperial X10.Hotmail is playing up when you use the email system pre-installed.So:

    1) Go to Apps in Market

    2) Search and install Sky Mobile Email

    This will allow you send and receive email from your hotmail account from your phone


    Use Handset SMS app for your text message as it allows you to choose songs from your memory card as the ringtone


    When you have installed apps that you will need to access daily drag them to your desktop of the other screen right and left of the main desktop.


    Drag Timescape to th other 2 screens you dont really use,its annoying on the desktop
  9. daveharl

    daveharl New Member

    Check my reply below hope its not too late
  10. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Well-Known Member

    Actually I have been able to use my Hotmail/Live email accounts within the stock email program. It is Yahoo that is the beast of burden and will not work with the email programs on the phone.

    However, the two that I know work with Yahoo email are, "ROID - Get Yahoo Mail" and "MailDroid". Both are FREE. ROID also has purchase option, where as MailDroid currently does not. I'm sure there are others, but I can only attest to the ones I have used, and I have used both of these. MailDroid's developer is very good at contact and responding to questions and will usually reply with 24 hours.

    Good Luck!

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