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  1. sullez

    sullez Member

    i am trying to customized my Note 3 email signature in the stock email app - and when i click "DONE" the signature does not change. Any help?

  2. Twtaylor3

    Twtaylor3 New Member

    I believe each carrier customizes the email app a bit. I am on Verizon and had no trouble adding my 10 line business signature. I got done and it changes.
  3. michaelwy

    michaelwy Active Member

    Which carrier do you use? I use AT&T and I changed mine and it worked

    As a note to others, putting your carrier in you profile will help others help you, just saying.
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  4. dennishew

    dennishew New Member

    Does anyone knows how to Search the previous emails from stock email app?
  5. Twtaylor3

    Twtaylor3 New Member

    Tap the search magnifying glass at the bottom, center of the emails list. It searches all fields for what you type in the search box that appears at the top.

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