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  1. ds99

    ds99 New Member

    Hi all, I have a new Desire X. Running android 4.0.4 and htv sense 4.1

    Everyone works fine except my POP emails do not "push" to my phone. I have set the sync options to "every 5 minutes" in peak and non-peak times but new emails will only appear when I manually go into the inbox and refresh it. If I do not go into my inbox during the day then I have no idea if there are emails, nothing appears in the notifications bar at the top. I have checked all the settings.

    Any ideas?

  2. senthamil

    senthamil Well-Known Member


    I Just bought my HTC Desire X and I don't find any difficulties on it with mail notifications. I Synced yahoo mail for 'Mail' app and works fine along with Gmail app.

    Which app do you use Mail or GMail...?

    1). I think you have to select 'Sync Mail' option under 'Sync Settings'.

    2). Also if you don't enable the Email notification and Sound Notification on 'Mail' app settings then you can't get notified. :)
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  3. ds99

    ds99 New Member

    Ah, I didnt realise I needed to go to the "sync mail" page.

    Problem sorted, thanks!
  4. senthamil

    senthamil Well-Known Member

    If any one helped, don't just say!! Press THANKS.
  5. farlofan

    farlofan New Member

    Using same model as original poster, am having problems with my email as well now, this phone is really starting to irritate.
    It simply won't load anything, just says 'no mail' all the time. I've done nothing to alter anything so why won't it sync?
  6. farlofan

    farlofan New Member

    I've sorted problem (for now) by doing factory reset. Emails are back and the sms popup that disappeared (I wrote this on another thread) has returned. Only had this piece of junk a month, things like this shouldn't be happening.

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