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  1. makersforme

    makersforme Member

    Just picked up the Optimus S and have a question. Coming from a Palm Pre which didn't have any way to do peak or off peak email push. Before that I had winmo devices and always had this option. I miss this option and was hoping the Optimus had it since one of my coworkers as an Evo and he has this option.

    So is this a manufacturers setting or an android setting? Both phones are running 2.2..

    thanks for the comments/help

  2. makersforme

    makersforme Member

    No one??? I can't believe that no one wants this feature...
  3. DaveG

    DaveG Well-Known Member

    Are you referring to the GMail or the Email app?

    The GMail app uses push. The Email app I believe can be configured to push email or check every X minutes or hours.

    EDIT: I don't recall seeing any settings for peak or off-peak schedule changes on the Optimus S. I do recall seeing this setting on the EVO though, which I assume is something that is part of the HTC Sense add-ons.
  4. makersforme

    makersforme Member

    The email app... I have it set to push email, but I only want it to push email say between 6 am and 9 pm, then not check. I get work email all through day and night and don't want to hear the alert. On winmo and my coworkers evo, there is a peak time setting and off peak setting. Why doesn't this phone have that option?
  5. DaveG

    DaveG Well-Known Member

    I edited my response above after you had already written your message. See my edit above.
  6. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

  7. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    I don't have an optimus yet (currently have a droid x)... but I don't believe the default android email app supports peak/off-peak so if the optimus is using the default email app you won't have support for peak/off-peak out of the box.

    If you are fairly technically inclined I'd recommend trying out tasker. It takes a while to learn but it can be used to automate a number of things (I use it to switch my phone to vibrate during meetings, turn on wifi when I'm at home, etc.).

    Tasker has an autosync option that can be used to turn on/off datasync, you can turn this on/off based on day/time. I haven't tried this setting so I don't know what it's affect is on other services (i.e. if you have personal emails that you still want to sync during off peak this solution problably wouldn't be a good way to go).
  8. makersforme

    makersforme Member

  9. makersforme

    makersforme Member

    Just a note, the Quick Profiles app worked perfectly for what it does. Maybe in the future there will be a way to schedule what profile is being used, but other than that, I am really pleased with it.

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