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Email Syncing for Yahoo and Hotmail through Account & Sync vs. using AppsSupport

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  1. sweetcheeks1971

    sweetcheeks1971 New Member

    I purchased the Razr Maxx as an upgrade from Droid 2. I like the interface and all but I am having a challenge with trying to get my yahoo and hotmail to sync through setup in the Accounts & Sync option. VZW techs were no help so I am reaching out here. The techs told me I have to use the Yahoo and Hotmail apps in order to get them to sync. I had no problem syncing them with my Droid 2. The challenge is I can delete messages off the phone and it will still be in my inbox if I log on to the computer and vice-versa.

    Please help me get my accounts sync'd through the Account & Sync option because using the apps does not allow for me to turn off the syncing and it is killing my battery.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. MobileRob

    MobileRob Well-Known Member

    You probably know this already, but in case you don't, make sure you use IMAP protocol when doing the setup. Also make sure the port assignments are correct with two email sites. I know that Gmail is quite particular about these items.
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  3. armeN0317

    armeN0317 Well-Known Member

    If you are on ICS it automatically adds your yahoo account settings you don't have to do anything but put in your email address and password. As far as the Yahoo Mail app it is crap. Read the reviews in the play store nothing but horrible things to say about it.
  4. sweetcheeks1971

    sweetcheeks1971 New Member

    So I can't control the syncing of yahoo and hotmail? I want to be able to read and delete mail on my phone and when I log on from my computer they are gone and vice-versa.

  5. MobileRob

    MobileRob Well-Known Member

    Sometimes the automatic settings for setting up email are not correct. I would do a manual setup for the Razr email client, using the settings that Yahoo and Hotmail require (check out there client setup help pages for IMAP) and you will be able to properly sync both directions. I have successfully done this many times over the years. I use Gmail for my email now, and it requires IMAP to have proper syncing.

    I have included a link for the Yahoo IMAP settings.

    Yahoo IMAP Settings for Outlook 2010 on Windows 7


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