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  1. daveradiofm

    daveradiofm Member

    Phone: Android Ascend (OS 2.2 Froyo)-rooted
    Provider: MetroPCS
    Email Account: SBCGlobal


    Love the forum and the helpful advice you guys give. It helped me a lot in customizing and *ahem* rooting my phone.

    I am stumped on an issue that I can't seem to figure out. I have an email issue primarily concerning the 1x connection from MetroPCS from my Ascend. Here is my dilemma...

    When I am at work, I don't have access to any of the corporate wifi routers, so I have to rely on the MetroPCS internet network to do my web as well as emails. I currently work 2 jobs right now and check my email off the web from the desktop computer which is fine for both jobs for now, but I would like to keep my email up to date on my phone when I'm away from my desk running errands.

    I noticed an issue less than a week after owning my phone that the emails won't update with the stock mail app. It works perfectly on the wifi at home, but won't update on the 1x even after a manual refresh.

    After trying to search around for a resolve, I saw the suggestion for K9 mail. I download the latest app from the google code site, but after installing and taking a painstakingly long time to set up an account via the 1x, it would attempt to poll and then stall. I would get random error messages ranging from sync disabled to the java.ServerTimeOutException in the inbox. I have ticked both options in the Accounts and Sync, but that doesn't appear to work. After futzing with it for a couple of hours adding and deleting the account from k9 mail. Turning wifi off then installing, turning wifi on then installing, turning airplane mode on and off, everything to practially standing on my head in the corner with tinfoil on my foot. Still a no go...

    I gave up and went with the metro mail app which after setting it up with the accounts and sync, it finally pulled my email in, but it wouldn't automatically update. It wouldn't even manully update when I get it to check email.

    I'm currently 0 for 3 on email apps and never had any issue like this before.

    Is it an issue of me being throttled down on the internet since my phone is rooted. I did use the 1x to download music from my Napster service, so I'm also wondering if I'm getting "punished" for that since I am using the unlimited internet plan.

    Any suggestions to what I could be doing wrong would help as I have kicked over every rock that I can think of.

  2. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    Do you use gmail? If so do you have it setup on the phone and does it work well?

    If yes to all of these, why not setup your sbcglobal account in your gmail?

    Go to the website from your laptop or desktop and set it up so that it checks your account via POP/IMAP.

    I had the same kind of issue with my Comast account, except it was more SPAM related. I recieved so much SPAM via Comcast, so I set it up and let gmails spam filters do the work. I get almost no SPAM to my gmail inbox.

    Mail Fetcher - Gmail Help
  3. daveradiofm

    daveradiofm Member

    Thanks for the help and advice. I wound up flashing my phone using the CM7 method to Gingerbread. I continued to have email issues as well as sound issues. The sound was so low on Froyo. The Gingerbread CM7 version gave me the ability to use DSP Manger where I could really increase the music. Now, I jam out with Napster on my car.

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