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  1. triplejnj

    triplejnj Active Member

    So I set up the Email Widget with my POP email account. The widget looks cool in that you can scroll through your email without opening the email app. The thing is, the widget doesn't seem to get updated with new email. Anyone have any experience with this?

  2. irwinm

    irwinm Well-Known Member

    I put that up today and noticed the same thing. I loved how you could resize the widget, but it never would update when new mail came in.
  3. craigroyal

    craigroyal New Member

    Im having the same problem with my galaxy nexus on verizon. Seems the only way to refresh the email is to delete the widget an re-add it. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Beanz98

    Beanz98 New Member

    I have this issue as well. Very frustrating considering it is a feature I will use ALOT!
  5. ez12a

    ez12a Well-Known Member

  6. sluma

    sluma Member

    Guys can anyone test it without expanding the widget and just leaving it at it's original size? That seemed to do it for me.
  7. daygo718

    daygo718 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a solution to the email widget issue? I have exchange linked to the widget for work emails and it will work for a bit, but I will have to delete the widget and apply it again for it to work properly which is a pain. I still get notifications for new emails, but I need to open the app itself to see the email which makes the widget pointless.
  8. deslock

    deslock Well-Known Member

  9. Roonit

    Roonit New Member

    Yes, i've seen this as well, but have come across an app which will quickly refresh the tablet and in the process, update the email widget.
    Its called FMR memory cleaner. Its free.
    I've found it also helps speed the whole tablet up for quite a while after running it.
    Im using the motorola xoom, and the app works great.
  10. Grobar84

    Grobar84 New Member

    Are these phone specific bugs for these apps?

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