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  1. TheStone

    TheStone Active Member


    Are there any good email widgets out there?
    The standard HTC one is not great. I've checked forum and market, but
    nothing obvious.


  2. Appventive

    Appventive Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but our Executive Assistant widget includes gmail preview, along with upcoming calendar events, missed calls, voicemail access, SMS messages and RSS feeds (all of the associated apps can also be launched directly from the widget).

    Details & screen shots available at Executive Assistant (Appventive)

    If you do give it a try, please let me know what you think.

  3. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    Not to drag up on old thread but this app deserves a little more attention as it is very useful and very well built. Props to the developer and am looking forward to new feature of multiple pop/imap accounts.
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  4. jmfryer1978

    jmfryer1978 Active Member

    Well, thanks for dragging this old thread up! I'd not seen this app and have just installed it. I'm impressed with it, it's very good at what it does and replaces a few widgets.

    Might just ask for a Google Tasks tab then it'd be perfect for what I need.
  5. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member


  6. jmfryer1978

    jmfryer1978 Active Member

    If you type "Executive assistant" into the market the free one is the third one down.

    Alternatively, if you follow the link to their page above their QR code for the app is at the bottom of the page if you have the barcode scanner installed.
  7. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    Great thank for that. I did try the barcode but it gave me a lot of options and wasnt sure what one.
    But just searched Exec assistant like you said and got it. Thanks
  8. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    Wow!! this app rocks.
    It has cleared up half my screen, seems to work realy well.

    Thank you
  9. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    Hi guys I have downloaded this app and love it.
    I have a question though, there is a google reader tab in it.

    Can anyone tell me what google reader is and what it is used for please.

    Thank you
  10. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    I have published an email widget on the market:

    foobarblog 2.0 App: Email Widget

    This works on HTC and all android 2.1 devices. You can also use K9.


  11. <((((><

    <((((>< New Member

    just installed the above app. Pretty good Frank. Any idea when an update will be out? Skinablity would be nice and maybe a preview of mail??

  12. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    Hi Fish,

    i'm constantly working on the skinning feature. Hopefully there will be an update the next couple weeks. I will take the other feature request on my list.

  13. Aidan Bell

    Aidan Bell Well-Known Member

    I am also searching for an email widget, but with no success yet. I've updated to Froyo, hate the new UI and so am now falling in love with LauncherPro, however it doesn't have an email widget and because I'm using it I can no longer access the (rather poor) Dell one. Installing Executive Assistant for a single widget when I'm already very happy with LauncherPro is rather major over-kill. Has anyone yet managed to source a simple email widget?
  14. honeybunny

    honeybunny Member

    i'm looking for the same, kinda like the email widget of lockinfo on iphone, with the possibility of marking emails read without opening the mail app. the only app that does that is the gmail popup, but it's not the inbox preview widget i had in mind.
  15. Aidan Bell

    Aidan Bell Well-Known Member

    I've found one!!
    It's called "EMailWidget" (who'd have thought?!) from invalidobject.com and it's currently running very happily on my UK O2, Froyo Streak. The blah-blah wans that it only works on Rooted phones, however I decided to ignore that (!) and as I say it's installed and running fine on my not-rooted Streak.
  16. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    Hi Aidan,

    that's the one i mentioned above ;)
    If you have any feature requests or questions please let me know.
    In the next couple weeks there will be an update to support skinning (customizable designs).

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  17. honeybunny

    honeybunny Member

    Can it have the option to only show the unread messages? And to be able to mark them read from the widget? That would be great. I started using it as well.
  18. everest.deth

    everest.deth New Member

    Hey, doea the assistant support microsoft exchange?
  19. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    It has a feature to show only unread mails already.

    The other feature is already planned.

    And yes, it does support exchange accounts, but be aware that on many devices you have to be root to use it.

  20. simplycivic

    simplycivic New Member

    i have been searching for something like this since i got my g2. on the mytouch 4g they have an htc mail widget which is wat i really wanted but executive assistant rocks being able to use it as a lockscreen thanks a million!!!
  21. Aidan Bell

    Aidan Bell Well-Known Member

    I've been away so couldn't respond until now. Many thanks for a wonderful widget and also for asking for comments and suggestions. I would like to suggest losing the blue title bar ("INBOX"). I know that it's an email widget and that it's showing me the email from my inbox, so it's a shame that perhaps as much as 30% of the space taken by the widget is taken up by the title bar.
  22. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    Aidan, thanks for your feedack. Right now the layouting options are very limited, i know about that. The release i put out today is the first step in customizing the layout (with skins). Because android doesn't give much support for developing this it was a nightmare to implement with many workarounds and dgging into the core system. Widgets are very limited in regards to dynamic layouting and way less flexible than normal apps.
    I appreciate your suggestion and it is going into the same direction like many others i get (customizable font sizes/styles, different layouts...). I will try to find a solution for this in future releases, so stay tuned ;)

  23. Aidan Bell

    Aidan Bell Well-Known Member

    I've upgraded and am using the Dell black skin, a lovely improvement. Many thanks Frank for working together with users, it makes the whole experience so much more rewarding for everyone involved.
  24. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

  25. Koxx

    Koxx Well-Known Member

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