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  1. DrOctagon

    DrOctagon Member

    Loving the S4, but a strange problem seems to be happening...

    When I send a picture from the camera gallery via an email attachment (any size, full to reduced) it is corrupted when I download it via my PC email clients. If I connect to the phone and grab the file, it's fine... if I sent it in an MMS it's fine, just emailing pictures corrupts them. The picture is still ok on the phone, but something happens when the phone attaches it in its email program.

    Any ideas on this?

    Pics are stored on SD card, which houses music and lots of pics... all are fine when accessed directly.

  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Is there any difference when you do it over wifi or data? You data could be unstable and send part of the file, especially if the file is larger in size.

    Try from different location, where you get full 3g/4G bar.

    I send lots of photos over e-mail and whatsapp with success. Not once have I experienced that yet. But my reception is great, whether wifi or Data.
  3. DrOctagon

    DrOctagon Member

    Interesting. While messing around with the connection type, I tried sending it to my gmail account, and it worked fine. It seems the issue is sending pics to my Yahoo account. My phone pulls POP from Yahoo and sends through their mail servers. Strange.

    Anyone seen this or solved it?

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