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  1. graphixfx

    graphixfx New Member

    Hello All,
    I am new to the forums and would like your help.

    I am trying to email pdfs from my phone but when I try to open them from my computer I get an error that says "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired." This doesn't always happen though, I noticed that when the pdf was slightly larger (say one that worked was 550 kb and one that didn't was 4.3 mb) though this isn't always true either because even some of the small ones didn't work.

    I am using a pop3 email with the outgoing server settings set to SMTP server port 587

    Phone is an LG-US670
    Android version 2.2
    Kernel version

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  2. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    try a different email client sounds like the one you are using is messing up the pdf
  3. graphixfx

    graphixfx New Member

    thank you for the reply

    I tried that and it worked but I am not sure if using a different email will be an option.

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