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Emails deleting after few daysGeneral

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  1. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    I am having a problem with my emails in the native Eris email app deleting after a few days. I have tried every setting that I can think of to get this to stop but no luck. The Gmail app does not delte the messages like the nmative app does. I have the native app set up with my work email and I need to keep messages around until I delete them. Just to stress have no problems with Gmail deleting just the native app which I have set up exclusively to my work email.

  2. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    isn't there an option to keep mail for x days in the settings on the app
  3. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    Not that I can find the only setting I see about time is the batch of days that it downloads to the phone. Download type, by days,ex.(Today's,3,7,14,30 and all). I cant find a setting for how long to keep downloaded messages.
  4. JohnnyThumbz

    JohnnyThumbz Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem, they just vanish. But then I log into my AOL account itself and they're still there. still , I can't explain it. Anyway, Try checking your account, they might stll be there..
  5. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    There is a setting for how many days back your phone can or will display. The mail should remain on the server till deleted. If you need them on your phone longer you should be able to set it.

    While in the mail account select menu then more. Then select settings. Look under send and receive settings for download past mail.
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  6. JohnnyThumbz

    JohnnyThumbz Well-Known Member

    Good lookin' out SirSlayer!, It's much appreciated. My old messages came back. One step closer to mastering my Eris. :D
  7. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    Any time! There are lots of helpful people around here. I have learned a lot here. Thanks for the 'thanks' and glad I could help!:cool:
  8. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    I went to the Verizon store to find out about this problem. They put me on the phone with technical support, who contacted HTC. HTC wasnt quite sure what was going on so they found the following fix on a forum somewhere( not sure which). Go into the mail app and hit menu and then settings. Go to send & receive and then download options. Then under by days select the amount of days to download 3, 7 14 etc... This then downloads and keeps messages on your phone for whatever number of days you pick. I changed the setting in mine to "all" and it put all my emails back in the email app. This is only way to fix this issue. I want to thank all of you for you help with this.
  9. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    I could have told you this! oh wait! I did! ;-) glad you found the solution.
  10. iggypop123

    iggypop123 Well-Known Member

    i use Kmail and i dont have this issue

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