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  1. dignan

    dignan New Member

    One of our employees has a strange problem with his Exchange email account.

    Each email displays only the sender information and the subject line. The body is completely empty.

    I tried removing the account and adding it again, but that didn't help.

    Any ideas?

  2. Super_Six_Two

    Super_Six_Two Well-Known Member

    Which email app are you using? Their is probably a setting to download headers only.
  3. aluap

    aluap New Member

    Has anyone solved this problem? My droidx with the stock email app was working fine with my pop yahoo but now only displays sender and subject line.

    UPDATE: After discovering the Settings>Manage applications>All>Email (the stock Email)> appliction info page (yes you do have to crawl through that cave to get here) I found a button that said Clear data. When I pressed it, it gave me the warning from hell and since the app was not working properly anyway, i said OK. I then went back to my email and all of a sudden I was getting the body of my emails again. Hope this helps someone else that gets into stock email header, no body trouble

  4. mrh3

    mrh3 New Member

    I used this process today, 4/24/12 and it solved the problem. thanks for the info
  5. tpapastylianou

    tpapastylianou New Member

    I can confirm this as well; note that this means you need to re-enter all the imap / smtp server settings.

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