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  1. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    OK i have had a problem the last 3 days.I am not getting some of my emails on my phone. I did not have a email all day Thursday on my phone but when I opened my email account on PC I had 10 new emails and the times were from all day long yesterday the same problem got 3 emails up till 8:35am then nothing and got home and checked and you guessed it 3 more emails not being pushed to the phone. Today same deal only some emails are coming to the phone:(

    Any ideas talked to second level teck at verizon they are blaming outlook for the problem that just started 3 days ago.

    It seems like the email program is not refreshing itself without me hitting the refresh or the emails are not being pushed to the phone from verizon.

  2. hbark

    hbark New Member

    I don't have an answer for you, but I am having the same problem for the past few days. Using the Gmail app, it used to always show a notification when new email came (I've had the tbolt since April). Refreshed automatically. Now it only does that when I open Gmail and hit refresh. All the settings are set to automatically refresh, I cleared the cache and data, all that stuff. Very frustrating since it's awfully convenient to see at a glance if new email came.

    For a solution for now, I installed the K-9 email app (free), and set it to get my Gmail, and that works fine. Automatically refreshes with the usual notifications.

    BTW, my Google calendar and contacts synch fine, it's just the email that doesn't.

    Weird. And frustrating.
  3. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    my email is not synching on its own. checked today last synic was 11:45 and it was 2:15 and it never checked for new emails at all
  4. Sailing_Nut

    Sailing_Nut Well-Known Member

    I had an issue like this. I had enabled the new power saver (or whatever it is called) in GB. I then turned it off but my background data setting did not get re-enabled. I had to manually turn that back on.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    hi everybody. not sure if anybody is still having this problem, but my wife had the same problem with her incredible. she wasn't receiving her aol emails, so i had her delete her account and add it back. That cleared up her issue...not sure if it would help anyone else, but maybe worth a shot.

    Now I have a question regarding my yahoo mail account on my tbolt. i'm receiving emails, but when i go to open them, im getting a blank screen in the body of the message. when i go directly to my yahoo mail on the web, the emails are appearing fine. anybody seen this? help?? thanks.
  6. AustinTech

    AustinTech Well-Known Member

    My wife is experiencing the exact same issue. Funny thing is that I am not and I basically run both our Bolts. She doesn't touch the settings without me helping her. So it's odd that she has the problem and I don't.

    I have no idea how to fix this issue. It's very frustrating because you know you have an e-mail, but you can't see it.:confused:

    I am experiencing the no-notifications issues and gmail only updates when I open the app and hit refresh. I haven't bothered fixing it because I kind of like not hearing my phone make noises all the time.
  7. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    I was afraid it was a hit or miss issue, which is going to make it harder to resolve. Oddly enough, it is not happening on every email, but most of them. Also, for a little more info...for those that are not working properly, when i open the email, it pulls up normally...I can see images and read...but it disappears seconds later. I've tried to reboot, I've checked all my settings, I've deleted the account & re-added...nothing has worked. I actually am having no notification problems at's just the emails themselves. I'm at a loss here.
  8. racefan25

    racefan25 Well-Known Member

    My problem seems to have cleared up with not getting the emails. It cleared on its own so i bet it was a verizon problem.

    For the other problems I would delete all email accounts then pull battery and reboot phone the reinstall all email accounts and see if that clears up the problems. That was my next resort but did not have to do it.
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  9. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    Thanks, I may try that. Waiting to see if anyone has experienced this exact problem
  10. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    I did the battery pull and deleted/re-added the's now working. So far, so good...thanks racefan!!
  11. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    Well, never mind. That didn't last long. It's not working again.
  12. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    any other ideas?
  13. AustinTech

    AustinTech Well-Known Member

    Wife is still having the same problems with her phone.

    Battery pull and deleting the accounts did nothing.
  14. spencemt

    spencemt Member

    I've been having the same issue with emails on my yahoo account being blank. I can see them for a few seconds initially, then they disappear. Here's what I've noticed:

    1) There seems to be a Yahoo ad type thing that is appearing at the bottom of my emails, I've never noticed this before.

    2) Seems that HTML formatted emails seem to work and display the Yahoo ad thing.

    3) Seems that text formatted emails appear, if you scroll fast way to the bottom you'll see a box that seems to be downloading the ad thing. As soon as it appears to finish downloading, the email goes blank.

    Unfortunately I would guess this is something that Yahoo is injecting into emails on their IMAP server -- Possibly only on certain Yahoo emails as a trial to see if it works? I'm attempting to download and use the Yahoo mail app, but last time I tried it was horribly slow and had issues with contacts.

    Hopefully SOMEBODY can figure out how to fix this!
  15. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    Hmm, that's interesting. I was trying to figure out if there was a pattern to which emails were displaying and which weren't, but I couldn't find a link between the 2. For me, it doesn't appear to be HTML or non-HTML specific, looks random with mine. Basically 4 out of every 5 emails is not displaying. I just checked the email I recently received that IS working, and there's no Yahoo ad info at the bottom.
  16. spencemt

    spencemt Member

    I agree, mine doesn't seem to be failing as consistently as I thought either. I've had most of my emails this morning seeming to be working. The strange thing is that once they go "blank", I cannot ever see them on my phone, even after force close / clear data / reboot. Not sure how I could force it to attempt to re-download an email.
  17. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    K9 mail?

    Works perfectly for me. So much so I don't have any stock email apps left on my phone.
  18. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    I may try K9 or some other market app soon, but I guess I was hoping to solve the stock app problem instead :(
  19. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    spence...i do now see what you were talking about with the yahoo info at the bottom of some emails. it says 'yahoo today (beta)' and it's a link to a random yahoo article (music, sports, etc), so i'm guessing this problem is due to that. i have downloaded K9 now and so far so good, i can view all emails. for K9 users, is there a way to get new mail notifications in the status bar without having the subject line included? just wondering because i don't need all that info, i just need to know when I have new emails.
  20. nyrmetros

    nyrmetros Well-Known Member

    My issue is that the emails come through the phone, but when I go to view them, I see the email for 2 seconds and then the email goes blank to a white screen. Even if I close the email and reopen it, it's not available. Not deleted, just can't view it. Thoughts?
  21. spencemt

    spencemt Member

    Ok - I'm still not getting the stock email working... I've now tried both yahoo mail and K9... Here's what drives me nuts about both - there is no diagonal scrolling when reading a message, and the horizontal scrolling sucks. I sent yahoo a complaint, but doubt I'll hear anything back.

    BTW - I did notice that yahoo now has android specific servers (i.e. - but switching to those didn't help the "disappearing emails" either.
  22. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    nyrmetros, this is the exact problem we were having and it seems to be tied to article links that yahoo is placing at the bottom of the emails. if you scroll quickly to the bottom of the email before it disappears, you will see something's the yahoo link. i'm not technically advanced so i don't know why this is happening or how it's causing the problem, i just know that it is happening.

    spence...are you having the disappearing email problem with K9 still? K9 is working for me...even emails that have disappeared in the stock app are showing in K9. i'm still trying to figure out settings on K9 so i'm not quite liking it as much as the stock, but that's probably my fault because I don't have it configured correctly yet.
  23. spencemt

    spencemt Member

    Sleez- k9 is working for me in that it is showing all my emails. I don't think the interface works as well as the stock one for me. Can't scroll side to side and up and down at the same time like i could with the stock one. Just gonna take some getting used to I guess.

    I suspect the underlying issue with the stock one is that yahoo is sending some strange formatting that the stock email cannot render correctly, so it just ends up blank. I'm surprised more people are not having this issue or complaining. I havent found any more hits searching for this today.
  24. Sleez

    Sleez Member

    i don't like the scrolling on K9 either. but there are so many settings, that maybe something needs to be tweaked (i'm hoping). i must have changed something in the settings by mistake, because now i have to manually check for mail in K9 vs. it already grabbing my new emails. so many settings!

    i'm surprised more aren't having this problem also, but i suspect it's because many don't use the stock app anyway.
  25. bscherka

    bscherka Member

    I got hit with this on my Rezound Monday, and through the magic of google, discovered a lot of people with the problem on various EVO models as well. For a temporary fix, I've disabled "automatically download message" in the "Send & Receive" settings within the HTC email app. So far, this has prevented the buggy yahoo ad insertion from being downloaded yet has downloaded the full text of the email messages, but I imagine there are some long emails out there for which this won't work.

    Go file a trouble ticket with yahoo mobile to see if anything will happen. If they get enough complaints,maybe they'll fix it. It took me a while to figure out how to actually submit a problem to yahoo, and I'm not allowed to embed a link to it on my first post (tried and was rejected). So I'll have to add a followup with the link to the yahoo complaint form.

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