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  1. kadeemf31uk

    kadeemf31uk Member

    Hi, im currently experiencing a problem, embedded email signatures on my samsung S4 are currently showing as email attachments and will not display the hyperlinks or graphics that are apart of the email signature.

    Please see picture for more details, note any image or hyperlink is showing as a box with a question mark, these are clickable and fully functional but do not display.

    How do i solve this so everthing clearly displays?

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    That's determined by your email software, the SMTP server you're sending the email from the POP3 or IMAP server the email is being received by and the email software the recipient is using.

    Email is a tezxt medium, and that's the only thing that's guaranteed to be received as sent. Anything else, (HTML, graphics) is received however it's received. Since there's no spec, everyone is free to write the software to handle non-text however he wants.
  3. kadeemf31uk

    kadeemf31uk Member

    Ok thanks so far, so i have the problem of working out whether the default email app on the android or Ms Outlook is at fault. It would be great if the default email app would display correctly on the android phone.

    What would you suggest, how would i write the software to acheive what i want.
  4. kadeemf31uk

    kadeemf31uk Member

    And also this is something that only happens on our samsung phones, windows and iphones display correctly.

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