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Embedded videos on websites showing as Lego blockSupport

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  1. johnkeith

    johnkeith Member

    Never used to have a problem with video on websites but now many show up as Lego block. Presume this means missing software -how do I fix?

  2. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    Which browser are you using? The same thing happens to me when I'm using Chrome.
    For me, using the stock browser fixed the problem.
  3. johnkeith

    johnkeith Member

    Using Dolphin, I'll try the stock browser.
  4. fairycorpse

    fairycorpse Active Member

    I've gotten it with stock browser too. Since it is all browsers but not all vidoes; I think its the individual site and not the phone?
  5. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    I presume you are still using ICS 4.0.x? Make sure you have Flash installed this will then work in the stock browser but not in Chrome. Once you've upgraded to JB 4.1.x you will no longer be able to use Flash as Adobe are no longer supporting Android. (Opera may still work as the site is rendered on Operas servers not on your phone but I haven't tried it).

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