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  1. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    I'm getting the dreaded 'Emergency calls only' issue on my Galaxy SII. It was working absolutely fine for about 3 months, then it suddenly stopped connecting to the Vodafone network. When I try to connect manually I get the error "Unable to connect. Try again later".

    The Sim works fine in other phones.
    I can see the Vodafone network (and others) when I search for it.
    I get the same error trying GSM only, WCDMA only and GSM/WCDMA (Auto)
    I'm currently running rooted 2.3.6 (XWLA4) with the XKI3 baseband.

    I have tried:

    • Pulling the battery and sim and leaving for several hours
    • Manually entering flight mode and back
    • using the *# codes to switch network mode and turn the radio on/off
    • Re-flashing the Radio
    • Checking my Imei and CSC
    • Checking the sim socket for debris damage.
    Nothing seems to work! Unlike others with this problem, I have not been able to connect to the phone network since this issue started (wifi is fine).

    Please - someone must have an idea as to what causes this and what can be done? I'm going to try ICS when the Vodafone one comes out and see if that helps, but I have my doubts! I will be trying a factory reset later.

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Can I ask where you purchased your phone from?
  3. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    It was a replacement for my (horrible, horrible horrible) LG Optimus 2x from CarPhoneWarehouse. Obviously if all else fails I'll just take it back, but that means reflashing to stock and resetting the counter.
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Have you tried another operators sim card in your handset?

    Have you checked that the APN settings for Vodafone are correct?

    If you are on Vodafone UK, they are as shown in this link:-

  5. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    I am with Vodafone UK, my settings were slightly different to the ones in the link - I gave them a go, but it did not help :( I will try with a different network sim tomorrow and see what it does. Thanks for the continued help.
  6. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    By way of an update - I have tried a full factory reset / format - still the same problem - just about to flash to the LPQ ICS to see if a complete flash helps - if not it looks like it's back to stock and back to the shop :(
  7. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    Last update - I have flashed the phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, (LPQ version), which means I have:

    • Carried out a factory reset
    • Flashed a new ROM and Modem
    When I rebooted it asked me for my carrier (Vodafone UK) and filled in the APN settings itself. I still have the same issue. I can't work out what is left that I haven't reset/reloaded that could still be causing issue. There can't be many settings left that aren't new?
  8. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Bearing in mind all the measures you've undertaken, I would be inclined to return it to CPW post haste and get a replacement. It could be a faulty antenna. Long shot, very long shot, if the phone that they gave you was itself a return, then possibly they may have blocked its IMEI number as the original owner was no longer paying the contract. This normally takes a couple of months. As I say... a long shot but it might be worth checking if there is a block on it.
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  9. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    Not a bad thought - I'll give Vodafone a ring now and check - otherwise it's back to stock and back to the shop (they're going to love me!) - the bit that made me laugh was that when I picked it up the wallpaper was the old CM7 wallpaper - wonder what the previous owner had done to it....:D
  10. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    You sir are a true legend - quick chat to Vodafone confirmed that the Imei has indeed been blacklisted (stolen) - I am about to have a very interesting conversation with the large highstreet vendor that supplied it to me as a warranty replacement :cool:
  11. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    The capacity for human incompetence never ceases to amaze me! :rolleyes:

    From my first question...

    I was trying to ascertain if it was a blocked IMEI. However, when you said that it was a replacement from CPW, I thought... nah!

    As you had tried everything else, it had to be a hardware fault or a blocked IMEI... still a very, very, long shot though.

    I'm glad it's sorted... well, explained, for you now! ;)
  12. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    Yeah - identifying the problem and getting CPW to fix it could be 2 different things - took them 6 months to 'fix' my issues with the Optimus:eek: :mad:
  13. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Simple answer... "No fixeee.... No payeee bill" and a potential to take them to a small claims court for providing you with a handset not fit for purpose.

    I would suggest that you back everything up and demand a, new, replacement phone immediately!
  14. cavemanaf

    cavemanaf Member

    Surprisingly they offered a replacement straight off the bat - should be able to pick it up in store next week - result! Thanks again for all the help - I did quiz them about how it could have happened - I've had the phone for about 4 months - and they were surprisingly zen about it - apparently it just happens sometimes :rolleyes: I did wonder about demanding a new phone as opposed to a 'repair' phone - but having spend the best part of 6 months arguing the toss with my LG I think I'll just make sure the replacement is spotless and go from there. (I could be really cheaky and suggest that the Galaxy S3 would be a suitable good will gesture considering how much trouble I've had... but I know how far I'll get with that!)
  15. George106

    George106 New Member

    Hi guys, just to share my experience, I have had emergency call troubles from time to time but nothing persistent however two days ago it become persistent and could not get the phone working. I did spoke to my operator and been advised to get new 3G SIM card as I had old 2004 year SIM which apparently was not "advanced enough" for this new phone. New 3G SIM card seems to do a trick and my phone is working since faultlessly.

  16. Bry492

    Bry492 New Member

    Try entering any pin lock number on the emergency key pad and press OK or enter, this may sound like a long shot but give it a try it worked for me
  17. hemiwh

    hemiwh New Member

    Absolute legand, thanks

    2 months after reporting my phone stolen i had to ask vodafone why they had not blocked my phone. So they decided to block the new one which i had called them on as a stolen phone the next day.
    Such idiots!!

    thanks again

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