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  1. Yep, im asking about emoji..had it on iphone and it was awesome cant seem to get it on the S3...i downloaded something from the playstore but nothing came up on the keyboard as an option :(


  2. Haggistech

    Haggistech Well-Known Member

    what app did u install?

    was it Emoji Keyboard?
  3. Method760

    Method760 Well-Known Member

    Go SMS Pro app comes with emojis and you can text and received.
  4. dunno mate, deleted it

    does this then replace swiftkey which i just paid for or is it compatible?
  5. Haggistech

    Haggistech Well-Known Member

    Swiftkey is the keyboard

    SMS Pro is an sms app so should not affect the keyboard :)
  6. sweeeeeeeet! im getting on it!!
  7. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Just note that although you can send emoji's through handcent, if receiver isn't using handcent as well, they will not see them.
  8. what about iphoners?
  9. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Iphones will receive the emoji's just fine. For Android, both sender & recipient need hancent and the emoji plugin.
  10. well then that just sucks doesnt it :mad:
  11. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Yep. I don't understand why the emoji's don't work better on android. Symbols Keyboard has some icons, but not true emoji's....
  12. Yeah I saw that guess ill just message u hahaha
  13. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Works for me! Message away!
  14. ceva321

    ceva321 Well-Known Member

    Go SMS PRO for me...can send and receive emoji from iphones :)
  15. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Can it send and receive to other androids? Or do they need to be using Go as well?
  16. ceva321

    ceva321 Well-Known Member

    good question, I dunno yet..all my friends have iphones :(
  17. k20kev

    k20kev Member

    Cm10 (JellyBean) has Emoji built in to the stock messaging program :]
  18. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    CM10 is a ROM, which means phone must be rooted. I assumed OP meant stock phone.

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