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  1. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering what type of experience people have had here using emulators on their HTV EVO V. I have used a number of yongzh's "(x)oid" emulators, and they work well for the most part (yongzh's account | SlideME). However I have found a few of them tend to have stuttering and/or audio cracks on the HTC EVO V. I have read that Robert Broglia's emulators are excellent (http://tinyurl.com/celuuuo), but with the exception of the Snes9x EX they are all paid emulators with no trail options. I was wondering what emulators others here have used and have found to have a smooth experience? I am currently using;

    SNES: SuperGENS (content:no stuttering/cracking, network multiplayer support)
    Genesis: GENPLUSDroid (like: minimal stuttering/no cracking but I miss SCD support)
    NES: Nesoid (Ok: moderate stuttering is disappointing but I like the network multiplayer and that it can handle punch out)
    GBA: GameBoid (Like: minimal stuttering/no cracking)
    Gameboy: GBoid (Ok: moderate stuttering is disappointing)
    Atari VGS: Ataroid (content: no stuttering/cracking)

    Of the emulators above I would like to find an alternate NES and Gameboy emulator for my device that offers a smoother experience. Other emulators I would like suggestions for are N64, PSONE, Neo-geo, M.A.M.E, and TG-16. Finally touch screen controllers are less then ideal, and my intention of using my dualshock 3 has been mostly dashed by HTC sense. So what controllers have you successfully employed on your device with out having to change your rom to a non-HTC sense based one? I am currently using harmonia 3.16.

  2. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    I figured I would up date this as others might find what I have found up to this point useful. I was looking at Robert Broglia's emulators and noticed that he had given some special attention to our phone specifically in an update;

    - Changed some defaults to work around OpenGL driver bugs. HTC Evo 3D phones now default to GPU Sync Hack on, and Direct Texture only defaults on with PowerVR SGX 530 GPUs.

    So I decided try out some of his his projects, and I can say that every emulator I have tested (gbc.emu,nes.emu, md.emu, neo.emu, Snes9x EX) runs buttery smooth. Thus I can recommend his emulators if your looking to do some old school gaming on your phone. I am still looking for a bluetooth controller that will play nice with htc sense 3.6, so feel free to post recommendations.
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  3. boomer_jmoore

    boomer_jmoore Well-Known Member

    Where can I get his emulators?
  4. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Search Broglia on the Play store.
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  5. pheonix991

    pheonix991 Well-Known Member

    NeoDroid is what I used for neogeo. It uses neogeo mame roms though...
  6. coffincolors

    coffincolors New Member

    n64oid 2.7 is an amazing 64 emulator, runs most games almost perfectly. Don't get any apk version below 2.7
  7. dwappo7851

    dwappo7851 Well-Known Member

    any way to use controllers?
  8. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    USB OTG (see my thread on it) or bluetooth will get it connected, but that doesn't mean the emulators will use it.
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  9. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    Robert Broglia emulators support a number of controllers, whether these controllers play nice with a HTC sense based rom is another matter.

    Here is a screen shot I took while using nes.emu showing input config
    (scratch off wiimote and dualshock3 if using HTC sense based rom)

    I was going to use a dualshock 3 with gameklip but HTC sense's screwy Bluetooth implementation and a non-powered usb port has dashed that (I also cant get my hands on the anthrax kernel for USB OTG). However I have been considering a number Bluetooth controllers to try out;

    iCade 8-bitty
    ThinkGeek :: iCade 8-Bitty - Retro Wireless Game Controller for iPhone/iPad/Android

    Nyko Playpad

    Nyko Playpad pro

    Gamestop tablet bluetooth controller

    iControlPad - Bluetooth gaming controls for your smartphone

    The iControlPad has the most appeal in that I can attach my phone to it thus making it one unit, further it has analog nubs for more modern 3D games e.g. N64, PSX, GTA III. What I do not like about the icontrolpad is the price, being ~$63 before shipping makes the controller about twice what I am looking to spend. All the other controllers listed above do not clip to the phone thereby seriously impeding their game on the go appeal. The good thing about the 8-bitty and the Nyko playpad is that they are somewhat portable. The 8-bitty is smaller but lack analogs. The Nyko playpad is a bit bigger, but it has analogs and comes with an eyeglass like carrying case. The Nyko playpad pro and the gamestop controller I imagine would be like carting around a 360 controller, probably the most ergonomically friendly but the least portable.
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  10. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Just for testing purposes you can always use the Midnight rom, Anthrax is built into it. As per the instructions in the other thread, you'll still need a powered cable.
  11. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    I was able to get a used iControlpad off of ebay for about half of what a new one would have cost me. I have played with it for a little bit and I like it for the most part . However it seems HTC sense bluetooth restrictions have limited the apps I can use this device with. I like harmonia and aspects of the sense UI but I would also like to use the gamepad with more then just a handful of apps. So I am looking for some input in-regards to possible apps, alternate kernels and/or roms that will work around or replace HTC's implementation of the bluetooth stack.
  12. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    I have been able to get the icontrolpad to play nice with all the applications I have intended to use it with by utilizing the app Bluez IME.

    Bluez IME Google play

    This free app makes your bluetooth input device appear as an internal keyboard/gamepad to the android operating system. Since many apps support assignments to keypads and internal input devices this app greatly expands the games available to a your bluetooth gamepad.

    There some quirks I feel I should share that will help you set up your gamepad with bluez IME. If you have paired you controller with your phone already using the native bluetooth app then go into the app and un-pair it. Also on your controller reset it so that it is no longer associated with any device (on icontrolpad: hold A+Y+X+B and then press and hold start until LED blinks 3 times). Once you have done this install bluez IME and open the app. Now put your controller into pairing mode, then on your phone tap the "select device" option followed by scan for device. When it finds your device select it. After a short time you should see a pop up indicating device is connected. Next tap "select device driver" and choose the controller you are using from the list. Finally tap the "select IME" option and chose Bluez IME as your input method. Now when using an app if it has a key configuration option you can use that as it will see your controller as an internal hardware.

    For example:
    In nes.emu select options>input>key config>Gamepad Controls, now just tap a box and then press the button on your controller you would like to associated with the listed button.

    In N64oid press the menu button>tap settings>other settings>check "use input method". Now press the back button>input settings> key mappings>check enable controller, then tap key mappings. Now as in the nes.emu example, tap a box press a button.

    Now have some fun.

    When you are done playing go back to bluez IME and select "internal settings" in "Set device as" in order to get your on screen keyboard back.
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  13. pheonix991

    pheonix991 Well-Known Member

    iMpulse Controller

    Still in development, but, I've already ordered one.

    It is supposed to look like a keyboard when paired up, so there shouldn't be any reasons it won't work.
  14. deathsled

    deathsled Well-Known Member

    oh my god my idea! This is an exact product I dreamed of getting off the ground for years. A keychain sized gamepad that you could always have on you...

    Mine would have had more buttons though, this thing looks like it will be useless for emulating most anything 16bit or newer.


    Oh on the kickstarter page I do see it actually has shoulder buttons on the back, but it's still missing at least one button if you wanted for controls for SNES, but I guess this thing is workable!
  15. pheonix991

    pheonix991 Well-Known Member

    There are very few games that I remember using the select button on. And you can still map other buttons to physical buttons on the phone. So, you can map the select button to the camera button on the phone.
  16. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Well-Known Member

    I got a Moga controller when they were giving them away for free a week or two ago.

    With the universal driver it is excellent for emulation.
  17. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    Install a CM ROM and get the sixaxis app and a PS3 Controller. That's what I'm about to do. But my only question is how is N64 games while using a PS3 Controller?
  18. boomer_jmoore

    boomer_jmoore Well-Known Member

    I've found this tablet bluetooth controller and was wondering if anybody knows if it's compatible with or possible to run our phone. I run Mobster Rom HD Lite.

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  19. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    From personal experience on other platforms the ds3 maps relatively well for n46 games, as you can see in my video here. Besides the obvious, I map B to [], A to X, C down to O, C Left to /\, Z to L2, C Right to R2, and C Up to Up on the right analog stick. You can of course map the C (camera) buttons to the respective positions on the right analog as they are in effect a precursor to the right analog. However many games (e.g. Tony Hawk, Killer Instinct) use the C buttons to complete 6 face buttons, like a genesis controller, so I find my original suggestion covers you well for most N46 games.

    Looks neat, but I couldn't tell you for certain. You could inquire with the store if they will permit a return if it does not work with your device. I imagine they would.
  20. dizeeStL

    dizeeStL Member

    I am still waiting for mine to arrive. Should come this coming week.

    Do you know if the Moga works with FPSE (PS1 emulator)?
  21. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried it personally sorry.
  22. Ranhead

    Ranhead Well-Known Member

    I only found this thread today .... us old people are a bit slow - hehe. So today I ordered an Ipega controller. It may take a while for it to get here (slow boat from China and all), but I will let you guys know how it works.

    BTW.... I'm all about Game Boy Original games, although I will have to give Asphalt 7 a try :D
  23. dizeeStL

    dizeeStL Member

    The Moga controller works great with emulators if you use the Universal App that is on the Play store
  24. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

  25. boomer_jmoore

    boomer_jmoore Well-Known Member

    I got the Moga Controller and I'm using the universal app in the play store and it is awesome!! Got it working perfectly on n64oid and Broglia's emulators thanks to key mapping!

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