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  1. jalipur123

    jalipur123 Active Member

    anyone got any good nes,snes, sega emulator to work good on the galaxy?

    I tried the nesoid lite but it doesnt have virtual a and b.
    and the d-pad doesnt work to well.

    would be great with any other emulator that can use the d-pad for left,right, up and down and OK for jump or something.

    any tip?

  2. UKLooney

    UKLooney Well-Known Member

    Gameboid works for me, had to remap some of the keys though.
  3. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    Scummvm works fine, except I don't know how to open the
    door in Monkey Island. Perhaps it's just the version of MI that
    I have...
  4. Shayko

    Shayko Well-Known Member

    it seems that Scummvm is not officially supported on android.
    it's on the market but on Scummvm site there's not a mention of it.
  5. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    ggnes lite works alright
  6. z0mbi3

    z0mbi3 Well-Known Member

    fyi ScummVM isn't an emulator.

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