Enabling 3G on (Telus) playSupport

  1. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    I bought the phone off Rogers and unlocked it to use on Telus. I have a couple questions for the geniuses out there.

    1. Is there a way to enable 3G

    2. I can not get my (new Voicemail) icon to disappear off the notifications

    Please help

  2. alquistador

    alquistador Member

    goto the bell web site. Do a Search forthe APN imput settings and it will work!!

    Good luck
  3. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    You can do it on the Telus website too, it worked thank you. But still not 3g status yet. The internet works now but what is this H thing where the 3g is supposed to be?

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