Enchanted Realm - post your codes!

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  1. Niella

    Niella Member

    ok, so here is my friend referral code for the game, Enchanted Realm.


    When you enter it in the "indicate the inviting friend" section, both of us will receive gifts, gold coins, crystals or bonus items!:D

    you know what to do... post your codes!!! (find your code in the "invite friends" section of the game)

  2. Vegas19

    Vegas19 Member

    Please add me. 260-345-584
  3. Elias Nieves

    Elias Nieves New Member

    Here is my code please add me and we will both receive an award- 848-424-177
  4. naydot85

    naydot85 New Member


    Feel Free to add me...Thanks
  5. pasi83

    pasi83 New Member

    Hi people
    Thanks for the codes. Just made 1500 extra coins, thanks to you.
    Here's my code if somebody wants to use it: 537-870-715
  6. Purplebria

    Purplebria New Member

    Please add friend code 307 613 090. thank you for the above codes gained 2000 gold coins
  7. Cherokee308

    Cherokee308 New Member

    Thanks and here is mine: 363-064-929
  8. thaihungsama

    thaihungsama New Member

    please add me 389-066-848
    thanks all
  9. scanvoyc

    scanvoyc New Member

    Thank you here is my code feel free to use 434-518-011
  10. ryanisaacson21

    ryanisaacson21 New Member

    Please add me 298-944-498
  11. sikotha

    sikotha New Member

    add me, my number is: 695-887-221.

  12. troz

    troz New Member

  13. Phatt

    Phatt New Member

    Awesome, heres another.. my code: 455-794-814

    Add me! I'm very very active!
  14. sirmitch58

    sirmitch58 New Member

    Add me! 514707579
  15. ladyapril

    ladyapril New Member

    Please add me! 756-363-552
  16. Guitarfabi

    Guitarfabi New Member

    Thanks for all those Codes!!
    This is mine: 422-264-201
  17. Unxpected19

    Unxpected19 New Member

    Please add my code : 329-913-245

    Thanks :)
  18. nnn1234

    nnn1234 New Member

    this 134 230 985 and another code 734 019 396
    pls enter this codes
  19. icy1021

    icy1021 New Member

  20. Daydreaminglex

    Daydreaminglex New Member

  21. waterblossom

    waterblossom New Member

    878 714 439 please add me :)
  22. Eisi

    Eisi New Member


    KIM BACALAO New Member

    there goes another one!

  24. lilylpl

    lilylpl New Member

    here's one more ... 620-660-285
  25. riptorn

    riptorn New Member

    And another, and another...


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