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Enchanted Realm - post your codes!

Last Updated:

  1. Butt3rz

    Butt3rz New Member


  2. Poloniusronius

    Poloniusronius New Member

    170-676-237 :d
  3. timotae

    timotae New Member

    Fun game, but why the limits on how many people can use your invite code? Mine is fresh and unused as of 12/27/11 129-264-202
  4. FarmerFred

    FarmerFred New Member

    Please use my code:
    720 766 532
  5. xmex

    xmex New Member


    thank you all
  6. VinceWeld

    VinceWeld New Member

    My Code is #401.757.288

    This is a great game. I lost my ipod and I was stuck on TradeNations. When Searching for a like games on my phone this one poped up its great I tend to charge my phone a bit more than I use to :)
  7. theoddguy

    theoddguy New Member

    Add me 583-898-298:)
  8. BlueAngel732

    BlueAngel732 New Member

    My code is 554-388-361. Thanks!
  9. KarlingG

    KarlingG New Member

    Add me please! 544-457-011
  10. Ryno49548

    Ryno49548 New Member

    added 12-27-11 636-160-442
  11. lockator

    lockator New Member

    my ref 758-482-830
  12. ryanisaacson21

    ryanisaacson21 New Member

    Please add me 298-944-498
  13. Frogstew

    Frogstew New Member

    Thanks All
    Feel free to add mine710-830-258
  14. mdgk82

    mdgk82 New Member

    Thanx for all the codes!
    mine is: 869 605 440
  15. ellieelmo

    ellieelmo New Member

    Add me pls 379-219-923 thankyou, play every day
  16. Avertan

    Avertan New Member

    Please add me to the list
  17. smorton7

    smorton7 New Member

    319-309-647 add me
  18. zequalls

    zequalls New Member

    My code for Enchanted Realm is 786-619-171
  19. kristykelly

    kristykelly New Member

    398-011-872, add!
  20. sandile

    sandile New Member

    Hey ppls heres mycode
    800678686 u cn refrer me on enchanted realms and we will both getvgifts thx!
  21. mellamoes

    mellamoes New Member

    Great thread for a fun little game. My code is 550-398-988. Thanks! :D
  22. SneZ

    SneZ New Member

    Great game & thanks for the codes! Feel free to add 503-138-687 for 500 big ones :)
  23. chunl323

    chunl323 New Member

    pls add me my referall code is 316-615-187
  24. grimalin

    grimalin New Member

  25. muslsmooth

    muslsmooth New Member

    This IS addicting! 705-202-870

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