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  1. Masema

    Masema Member

    Does anyone have any tips for Enchanted Realm?

    Here are mine, maybe they well help someone:

    1. Some buildings need to be built by roads. This requirement can be met by having one segment of road connecting to the site. You do NOT need the roads to connect to each other!
    2. After the building has been built, you can delete the road, or move it to the next building site. You only need the road when you build or move the building. If you are careful, you can squeeze a lot of buildings in a small space by slowly moving a road out from a corner as you fill in the space with buildings. Be aware, though, that rearranging things later can be difficult if you do pack things too tightly (hey, it's a bonus puzzle game!).
    3. Many of the missions/goals require you to turn in (or "charge") a collection. To maximize efficiency, try not to charge collections unless you have a mission to do so. (e.g. if you charge the Fruit collection randomly, then get a mission to charge it again, you'll need to wait to collect everything again, possibly holding up mission progression.)
    4. Along the same lines as the previous tip, try not to build or buy ANYTHING unless you have a mission to do so. You never know if your next mission will be to build a Smithy, which may take longer if you just built a Winery instead.
    5. After you've completed a mission and any followups, it MAY be safe to delete the mission item if that would help you. For instance, I personally deleted all my Mills, which take a tiny amount of goods but produce a tiny amount of money. Do be careful though, and don't delete anything too precious. Also be aware of followups, such as collecting income from a building you just built x number of times.
    6. The game doesn't allow picking up or storing buildings to help rearrange them. To get around this, I have taken to deleting my EMPTY crop fields to free up room if I need to move things around. They only cost 100 gold to rebuild, and take no energy or time.

  2. barrel

    barrel Well-Known Member

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  3. Masema

    Masema Member

    Good point! Knowing how to move stuff around doesn't help if you don't know why. :)

    I like your layout, too. Very clean.
  4. IrishJMA

    IrishJMA Member

    ok, so how about a question. what do I do with the tower of mages? I have the mission to charge it, but when I click it, it says it will be available later.
  5. Masema

    Masema Member

    It sounds like you're on the step where you need to collect a bunch of things? You do that by collecting income from buildings and/or gathering crops. After that you'll have the least fun mission in the game (that I've seen - 50x annoying), and THEN you'll be able to interact with the tower. (FWIW, I was underwhelmed when I finally finished.)
  6. IrishJMA

    IrishJMA Member

    ok, but I think I have collected everything. the current mission says that I have to charge it with 50 energy. I am just wondering if I am not leveled high enough or something.
  7. Masema

    Masema Member

    Oh, that's odd, then. If you are on the mission to charge it with 50 energy, there should be an icon over the tower, and tapping the icon or the tower should cost one energy and increase the counter. Very much like chopping trees or constructing a building.

    If you're on that mission but can't advance it, that sounds like a bug.
  8. IrishJMA

    IrishJMA Member

    can't advance it, I can't even build it yet. I am only at level 34, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

    also, I have noticed that I am still getting gold for codes. does the counter reset every time you log in?
  9. carolinapagan

    carolinapagan New Member

    I'm having the same problem with my tower. It's in the mission but says building inactive when I click it.
  10. BookSavvy

    BookSavvy New Member

    After the latest update a storage facility is available, if you've already built a building then it shows up for a mission you can place it in storage then replace it on your board and it counts toward the mission as being built! (sorry, this was REALLY EXCITING to me)
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  11. BookSavvy

    BookSavvy New Member

    Make sure you're on the latest update. They didn't make completion of the Tower of Mages available until recently.
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  12. IrishJMA

    IrishJMA Member

    yeah, it looks like that was the issue. I started over and now when I completed the first mage quest, part of the tower was built. still have to work through the rest of them, though. I miss having a lot of energy.
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  13. Masema

    Masema Member

    I've done done experimenting with moving decorations around while a Craft building is processing. The game is surprisingly very strict about this.

    To get a bonus from a decoration, the decoration must be present from the time you stock the Craft building until the time the money bag appears over it (in other words, the entire time the building is processing and running its animation).

    I tried placing a decoration after stocking the building, no bonus. I tried removing a decoration after stocking, no bonus. I tried moving a decoration away then back while stocking, no bonus. I even tried moving the decoration one square, still within range of the target building, and even that lost me the bonus. Storing the decoration in the building storage temporarily also removed the bonus.

    Note that you can move/remove the decoration after the money bag appears but before you collect the money. Also, moving one decoration doesn't affect the bonus given by other decorations stacked on the same building.

    I also noticed that moving a craft building into storage after stocking it with goods causes the goods to be refunded.

    For those with rooted devices (or the ability to backup & restore game data, if that's available without rooting), there's also a minor exploit available. If you get one of the magic crates, you can exit the game and backup the data BEFORE opening it. Then, if you don't like what you got, restore the backup and try again.

    I'm working on a spreadsheet listing all the available buildings and their stats. If anyone is interested I can post that when I finish.

    On a related note (related to me being a nerd), does anyone know a formula or method to determine optimum choices in multi-variable calculations? I'm trying to determine the best crop to plant, but I'm having trouble quantifying the choices. For instance, Wheat gives by far the most yield per time, but the energy and babysitting costs of course outweigh that... However, I can't seem to think of how to let the spreadsheet figure out the best crop based on the cost (in coins, time, and energy) vs yield.... I'm probably over thinking this, I have a feeling the "best" crop is actually subjective, based on how often you want to check in (and when you want to check in next, i.e. plant longer grow-time crops before going to sleep, etc.).

    Failing that, what crops do you all use?
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  14. barrel

    barrel Well-Known Member

    A mixture of the following three
    * Strawberry (45$ / 3h / 52)
    * Corn (64$ / 6h / 114)
    * Watermelon (41$ / 12h / 130)
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  15. nowaczini

    nowaczini Member

    Where do you get it from? are you getting it from some special kind of craft or housing buildings or is it just luck? I'm getting all the time out of them. I know that I can buy them for crystals, but is there any other way?

  16. Masema

    Masema Member

    Thanks, that's about what I have been doing too.
  17. Masema

    Masema Member

    What are you talking about, the magic crates? As far as I know you can't get those from a building. You can buy them for crystals or get them as rewards for some (very few) quests. If I recall correctly, the last Valentine's Day quest rewarded one.
  18. nowaczini

    nowaczini Member

    I mean (as I wrote in the subject) screws;)
  19. Masema

    Masema Member

    Oh, oops. :eek: I guess tapatalk doesn't show subjects.

    AFAIK, Screws, like all "ingredients", can be collected from any building. It's just random.

    Some of the collection items OTOH can only come from certain buildings, like the army weapon set.
  20. barrel

    barrel Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Today, Enchanted Realm upgraded to a new version. I am not sure, but I have the strong impression that my max. energy has dropped. I am at level 77, max energy is at 55.

    I have the impression it was much higher before...

    Anyone else can comment on this?

  21. barrel

    barrel Well-Known Member

    Additionally... when you complete a level, energy no longer gets fully restored. My level jumped to 38/59 (yep... 59. Was 55 yesterday....) when I completed level 77.....
  22. mariette71

    mariette71 New Member

    same thing here had 51 energie now 40

  23. Champ1

    Champ1 Member

    YEs - Same thing - i'm in Level 88 and with Energy Spring I had 92 max; After Update only 64 - That's Not nice
  24. same happened to me
    max energy dropped from 72 to 52
    full restoration at level up was very useful too
    is it the global economical crysis, my government is doing the same....
    they want us to stop playing?
  25. Masema

    Masema Member

    Well that's no good. I guess I'll skip the update.

    They certainly didn't mention that in the update notes.

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