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  1. i wrote to support, today i got answer.

    Eugene Krylov, Feb 21 13:59 (MSK):
    Thank you for your request.
    We can assure that it is not a bug. These changes are connected with the new feature of the latest version of the game. It's main point is that your energy limit will be constantly increasing throughout the whole game: you will have one energy point added to the your limit when you get a level-up twice. Thus, it will help you to get even more energy than before. The time of energy points accumulation was not changed. Just keep playing to increase the limit. When you reach the next level a certain part of your energy points is always replenished.
    To get more energy points in your game you can construct Energy Spring or Electrostation and supply them with goods. Please, note that your energy points can suddenly go down due to the fact that the energy source stops working. It gives you extra energy points for 24 hours when you load it with goods.
    Please, stay tuned and follow our updates.
    In case you have any questions, please contact us. Our support team is always ready to help you.
    Your Support team,
    Eugene Krylov

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  2. MegMartin1

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  3. barrel

    barrel Well-Known Member

    Well... to me this sounds like a "typical helpdesk answer" (apologies to anyone on this thread that works at a helpdesk). An answer that leaves the user unsatisfied....

    The energy level already continuously increased throughout the game. Perhaps they changed the level/speed at which energy increases, but I strongly doubt that....

    They simply changed the rules of the game.
  4. mariette71

    mariette71 New Member

    a few weeks later I must say I get a lot more energie trough the game than before also when I use the runes of eternity collection I can charge it in a day or two again. today I had a update and I got a energy well that gives me +6 energy. at this moment Iam at level 59 and have 59 energy now sow its not so bad.

    sorry for the bad english Im dutch :)


    kee leveld up to level 60 and now 66 energy why i don't know.....
  5. cosmo4u

    cosmo4u New Member

    when they did the snow it crashed my game and I had to restart. I had the tower of mages up and running and was doing great. Now I restarted and am at lvl 140 built everything I can. book says ch 2 is complete, castle is at lvl 16, but I cant move on. dont know what I am doing wrong.. any help would be awesome. Im tired of just collecting money and doing nothing. Cant get the tower or chapter 3 to move forward.

  6. claudinejaz

    claudinejaz Guest

    Just have a question about the tower of the mages, I completely finished rebuilding the tower and charged it with 50✖ energy, now when clicked it shows a timer with 11 hrs or so left. Do I get some sort of bonus when the time's up? What is the tower for and what does it do exactly?
  7. lumbarin

    lumbarin New Member

    The mage tower will give 5 speed up per 12 hours and is definitely worth the time.

    Save your crystals do not waste them for anything. You will need to save 30 by around level 40.

    To keep your goods/gold ratio good always use decorations around your buildings that consume goods. When you are first starting leave enough room around them for 2 rows of flowers. The blue flowers give a 5% increase and are the best bang for the buck. If low on funs you can user the cheapest 4% flowers tho. Once you have your gold built up and can open more land you will want to just use one row of flowers directly around the building and then a row of luxurious fountains around that. To save on money you can build your second and third building in front of and beside of the building that you first make so you then only need to decorate around 3 sides of those 2. You will want at least 3 buildings set up this way. The buildings with a row of blue flowers and luxurious fountains surrounding them will have around a 275% increase to the money they give! Meaning instead of the music shop for example giving a little over 700 gold it will give you 2600+ nearly 20 to 1 gold to goods used. This is a very good investment as you can reuse the decorations as you get better buildings (fireworks shop is good you want whatever pays the most gold)

    My second tip is save your magic stones until higher level. They don't time out when you exit the game so if say you have 0/50 energy you can use a magic stone and exit the game and in 51 minutes you will be at 50/50 energy you can open the game burn through the energy quickly then exit again and use 1 magic stone for quite a while even though it only last 10 minutes.

    Using tip 1 to make some good gold and now your higher level and have plenty of crops and are turning them into gold at a good rate. Save up 1500000 gold... I now it seems tough but it will pay off for you especially if you arent going to buy any crystals... Now if you haven't already unlocked the pyramid spend the 30 crystals you saved to unlock it. Then build it and surround it with the decorations you have. This will be the only building you need for turning crops into cash. Just use the decorations you have to start with once you have enough gold surround it with the 8% small decoration on the inside(joy hieroglyph thing) and winners throphies around that.. With the proper decorations it can make you nearly 200000 per 3500 goods for 1 energy almost 60 to 1 gold to goods ratio.

    You can skip the above if you spend money for enough crystals for the eiffel tower it is superior to the pyramid but it either will take forever to save 225 crystals or you have to buy them.
  8. claudinejaz

    claudinejaz Guest

    Thanks for taking the time in explaining. Very useful info! Things I never even thought of lol. Thanks again :)
  9. nolegoddess

    nolegoddess New Member

    Hey yall. New to the forum, but not the game. Was going to see if anyone knew which buildings get me the collections "wedding accessories", "magic minerals", "naval devices", aand "evidence". I have done all the missions except building the sailors house (which I thought naval devices might come from, just haven't had the gold or space to do it yet.) But just thought maybe someone on here might be able to steer me in the right direction. Thanks yall.
  10. andrsib

    andrsib New Member

    A few exploits in the latest update. Probably they will be fixed in the future updates, but meanwhile...

    1. Force-stopping and restarting ER causes the castle to be ready for collecting cash. If you run low on cash but have some spare energy, just force-stop the app, start it again, and collect cash from the castle. Rinse and repeat until you run out of energy.

    2. Moving a craft building out of building warehouse re-loads it with goods. Moving it back releases goods as usual. Pick up your max capacity building, and move it back and forth into building warehouse. No need for patches, time, money and energy anymore to get as much goods as your storage facilities can hold. The best part -- it is fast and completely free. :)
  11. Hi everyone. I am on level 63 and have completed my missions, but my Tower of Mages is still registering as inactive. Is anyone else having this problem? I figured it must be a glitch, but I updated to the most recent version last week and still can't charge the tower.
  12. thafrogggg

    thafrogggg New Member

    What buildings produce items for the souvenirs collection?
  13. asanspree

    asanspree Member

    How is this game? I installed it after seeing this thread. It keeps shutting down on me and I can't play it to try it out. I uninstalled it.
  14. w0lfwoman

    w0lfwoman Member

    The Market.
  15. yazzy260983

    yazzy260983 New Member

    hi i am currently playing enchanted realm level 16 in my inventory there is a musical instrument what do i use it on
  16. usethermite

    usethermite New Member

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to this forum, and I have a question: where does one obtain the souvenirs collection? I'm at that stage where I need to "charge" 5 collections. I don't have a clue. I'm on level 218.
  17. Amoron

    Amoron New Member

    One tip: build a hot dog house as soon as possible. It will get you 3140 gold per 55 goods (=550 seconds). Toss some decor around it (I opted for the Joy hieroglyph) and you get to collect 10k+ every 10 minutes. Doing that, building is never a problem, and you are only held back by energy limits and those bloody leaves and screws that are required to charge collections.

    At the early levels, for houses, the enchanted cottage provides the best gold per minute (20 gold/5 minutes) and adds 110 population on a 3x3 area for your population-growth missions. Crop-wise, wheat provides the most goods per 5 minutes (15), but with energy at a premium, you could opt for grapes (30 goods/harvest = 2.5 per 5 minutes) or strawberries (52/harvest = 1.44/5 minutes). Sowing melons overnight is also a good way to maximize yield. If you have the land (and building hot dog houses will give you enough cash to quickly buy all the land), you could set up a routine sowing cotton every hour or so, and after a day you get a continuous cycle going that will give you enough goods to keep all craft buildings running.
  18. advaneil

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    Many of the missions/goals require you to turn in a collection. To maximize efficiency, try not to charge collections unless you have a mission to do so.The game doesn't allow picking up or storing buildings to help rearrange them. To get around this, I have taken to deleting my EMPTY crop fields to free up room if I need to move things around.

    ATA Flash Cards
  19. Aliciana5877

    Aliciana5877 New Member

    Some of my buildings are bright red and when I click on them a box pops up that says "building is not connected to castle road, it cannot be updated" what on earth do I do??
  20. w0lfwoman

    w0lfwoman Member

    Are found in the market place. If you deleted it to free up space earlier in the game, you need to rebuild it. Its cheap to charge and quick too. So rebuild that market place and start shopping for souvenirs!
  21. staceyroo

    staceyroo New Member

    Hey guys

    I'm now at level 202 and what I think is currently the last mission i just built the honey farm and now i need to charge the cheese collection 5 times. I have had only 1 cheese for weeks.

    Where do I get them from.

  22. Glaze13

    Glaze13 New Member

    Now all your buildings need to be connected to the castle road in some way or another.
  23. Glaze13

    Glaze13 New Member

    You can get cheese from the creamery. My advice is to build more than one. If not it will take forever.
  24. Glaze13

    Glaze13 New Member

    I dont understand why you would think that the hot dog house would be so profitable. I ran some numbers and comparing good to profit alone it yields 4.2 gold per good invested. Now taking time into consideration; it yields 25.19 gold per minute.
    Check out the alchemist's lab or the pyramid. They both yield the highest gold, but of course the best producer is the Eiffel Tower, which is only available through crystals.
    I am going to try and post a spreadsheet of what I have found from the game so far.
    Good luck to all.
  25. Glaze13

    Glaze13 New Member

    Does anyone know where "peacock feathers" drop from? I am trying to complete the wedding accessories collection and I am only missing peacock feathers.
    Also, mortars are hard to find. Anyone know where they come from. I got two from handing in quests.

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